New Report Identifies Enterprise Customer Types & Needs

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National-to-Local Marketers 2016 Report - feature image

In our National-to-Local Marketers 2016 survey, released this summer, we discovered two real pain points for enterprise marketers when it comes to local:

  1. They have a lot of headaches around integrating different technologies, and
  2. The data analytics tools frequently produce results in conflict with one another.

Street Fight’s latest report analyzes a survey of over 200 national brands and retailers on their local marketing strategies. Decision-makers at these companies identified key difficulties in managing their digital marketing in support of local branches, franchises, and distributors as shown below. Some of their problems may arise from jury-rigged management and analytics, and some may come from organizational issues that they themselves don’t recognize.


In our latest analysis, we dug into the numbers and discovered that the integration needs of enterprise marketers reveal some clear correlations in terms of attitude, behavior and installed technologies. For example, companies that found local branch or store sites to be most effective were also doing well with local print, and planned to increase their social, mobile, and digital display advertising.

One way of characterizing these big national-to-local marketers is by what they cite as their most effective local marketing technique. To that end, we have created marketer profile cheat sheets that will assist would-be suppliers with messaging and positioning. Suppliers can use these as best-practice examples, and show prospects how they might better tie together marketing technologies and programs, as well as where the smart money was going, based on the successful examples. Your salesforce will have to do some advance scouting to determine a given company’s characteristics, but this analysis should help fine-tune messaging and sales pitches.

The findings maybe especially useful to those pitching big brands that may be stuck on traditional media and techniques.

Other nuggets from our cheat sheet analysis include:

  • Digital dashboard usage was highest among marketers who favored TV and radio, and also reasonably widespread with brands that liked to use social media.
  • Companies that found direct mail and radio successful showed an above-average interest in next-generation point-of-sale systems. And both those types were more likely to be increasing their spending on digital display advertising than most other groups.
  • Local print fans were the most likely to rate local media as important to their marketing, and they were slightly more likely to be increasing their search marketing budgets.

David Card is Street Fight’s director of research.

Click here to purchase a copy of the Street Fight Insights report, National-to-Local Marketers 2016, Major Brands’ Integration Needs.