Will Native-Social Ads Dominate Mobile?

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The majority of mobile ad companies that don’t evolve their janky and interruptive banners will be displaced. A new era of mobile ads will be defined by intelligent formats that speak to the affinities of buying-empowered millennials (who are now almost 40 by the way).

5 Self-Serve Platforms for Location-Based Mobile Campaigns

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Although there’s still debate within the ad tech community over whether SMBs are best served by self-serve platforms, the demand is certainly there. With limited budgets and a strong desire to get the most bang for their buck, local business owners are searching for self-managed advertising and marketing solutions.

6 Ways to Personalize Mobile Ads Without Violating User Privacy

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Global mobile ad spending increased to $17.96 billion last year, and it’s on pace to rise another 75.1% in 2014. But in order for mobile advertising to continue growing at such a rapid rate, one issue has to be addressed — privacy. Here are six strategies for personalizing mobile ads without violating user privacy.

Street Fight Daily: Walmart Tests In-Store Pickup, LivingSocial’s Future

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology.Walmart Begins Testing Online Grocery Shopping With Local Store Pickup Option In Denver (TechCrunch)… Despite Its Woes, CMO Barry Judge Sees A Future For LivingSocial (Forbes)… Google’s Newest Secret Weapon For Local Ads (Digiday)…

Street Fight Daily: Mobile Driving Yelp’s International Growth, Mobile Ads to Hit $18B

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology. Yelp’s Stoppelman Says Mobile Boom to Aid International Growth (Bloomberg)… Mobile Ad Market Spending To Hit $18BN In 2014, Rising To ~$42BN By 2017, Says Gartner (TechCrunch)… Bike-sharing Faces Bankruptcy: Cities Withhold Money as Bixi Struggles (GigaOm)…

5 Strategies For Launching a Location-Targeted Mobile Campaign

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Mobile ads show a 42% lift in performance when they’re targeted based on the location of a business, but there’s still debate as to how tightly marketers should target their ads to optimize the performance of their campaigns. Here are five questions to ask yourself when deciding how targeted to make your mobile campaign…

5 Ways to Help SMBs Measure the Value of a Hyperlocal Campaign

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Nearly half of merchants surveyed in Street Fight’s “2013 Report on the State of the Local Merchant” said uncertainty about results was the single largest obstacle preventing them from investing more in hyperlocal channels. When vendors make it easier for merchants to evaluate the performance of their products, they increase the chances that satisfied clients will stick around for a longer period of time. Here are five strategies vendors can use to help clients quantify the value of hyperlocal…

5 Mobile Ad Tools for Very Small Businesses

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Why should the big guys get to have all the fun? When it comes to mobile advertising, most vendors are still targeting their offerings at major brands and brick-and-mortar chains. However, a growing number of hyperlocal vendors are beginning to develop mobile ad products aimed squarely at the small business community…

Street Fight Daily: Foursquare’s Redesigned App, HomeJoy Raises $38M

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology.Foursquare 7.0 Brings Passive Location Technology To All (GigaOm)… Homejoy Raises $38M As It Looks To Expand Beyond Home Cleaning (TechCrunch)… EBay, PayPal Pinpoint Stores For Mobile Shopping (USA Today)…

Street Fight Daily: China’s Yelp Talks IPO, Twitter Hires Retail Chief

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technologyDianping Sees IPO Larger Than Yelp as Users Tap China Reviews (BusinessWeek)… Twitter Hires Google Exec As Head Of Retail (Bloomberg)… There’s No Such Thing as a “Permanent” Local Data Record (Yext Blog)…

7 Ways to Increase Engagement With Mobile Ads

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Marketers of all sizes are flocking to mobile ads in an effort to reach consumers on their home turf, sending targeted messages to smartphone users inside certain establishments (like coffee shops or bookstores) or within the confines of geotargeted perimeters. Here are seven ways that brands of all sizes can increase engagement with mobile ads…

Street Fight Daily: Airbnb Buys Localmind, A New Hail for Gotham

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.Airbnb Goes Social and Local with Acquisition of Localmind (GigaOm)… Hail to the Big Apple! NYC Temporarily Approves Taxi Apps, but e-Hailing’s Restricted to 1.5 miles (The Next Web)… Franken’s Location Privacy Bill Voted Out Of Judiciary Committee (AdWeek)…

Street Fight Daily: Facebook Mobile Ads, Leaky LinkedIn

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Facebook Would Like to Sell You a Mobile Ad (All Things D)

LinkedIn’s Leaky Mobile App Has Access to Your Meeting Notes (NYT/Bits Blog)

Foursquare’s Luedorf Says Users Still in Focus, Over Revenue (Street Fight)

Jack Dorsey Backs Away from Twitter (SAI)

Groupon’s Evolution Is Hurting Facebook (But Helping Google) (Forbes)

Launch of Airtime Hobbled by Glitches (WSJ)