Mobile Far Superior to Desktop for DTC Advertising

DTCs are notoriously effective in courting young shoppers, including millennials and emerging Gen-Z consumers. This is likely because younger shoppers, growing up in the digital age and native to its conventions, gravitate toward convenience and are less tied to the longstanding preferences that legacy brands carefully crafted through decades of advertising. Mobile, which is tied to identity and location and offers quick digital purchasing options, is the platform where these trends are most exaggerated.

Study Finds New Opportunities For Firms Integrating Ad, Marketing Tech

As more people use mobile devices in their everyday lives, many tried-and-true techniques for marketing to consumers are becoming less effective, and brands are looking closely at how they can use integrated cross-device solutions to develop deeper connections with customers on a one-to-one basis.

LiveIntent President: Local Publishers Need to Leverage ‘Gold Mine’ of Email Newsletters

Advertising network LiveIntent has 1,300 publisher clients, including Hearst, New York Times, Washington Post and ESPN. Through these relationships, it can target 130 million unique visitors. We caught up with the company’s president, Jason Kelly, to talk about how local publishers can compete with social-media platforms for ad revenue.

Openings & New Hires at CO Everywhere, PlaceIQ, and LiveIntent

Every two weeks, Search Influence’s Kelly Benish — who knows practically everyone in hyperlocal — covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. In this week’s edition, jobs at AOL, Yahoo, Google, VendAsta and Ballantine Communications.