WPP’s Morrison: Why the Tide Is Turning for Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Gwen Morrison heads up the WPP’s global retail practice, The Store, and works with some of the world’s largest retailers on daily basis to help facilitate the transition to a more connected and empowered local consumer. Street Fight recently caught up with Morrison to talk about the transformation of offline retail, what big retailers are investing in today, and the impact of mobile in emerging markets…

Weather Channel SVP: Changing the Pitch on a Local-by-Local Basis

Eric Hadley, the Weather Channel’s senior vice president for partner solutions and ad trade marketing, recently spoke with Street Fight about the local-national tension in weather coverage and information, the secrets behind Weather Channel’s success on mobile, and his predictions for the coming year. He will be appearing as a speaker at Street Fight Summit in New York later this month as part of an IAB-led panel titled “Using Location to Monetize Mobile Inventory.”

Spindle Tries to Pre-empt Local Discovery With Social Alerts

Last week, social discovery app Spindle rolled out a place-based alerts system designed to inform users of interesting and relevant social media updates from local businesses around them. Street Fight recently spoke with Spindle CEO and cofounder Pat Kinsel about about what makes Spindle’s value proposition so vital…

Local Corp CEO: Mobile Is a Type of Traffic, Not a Type of Product

Street Fight recently caught up with Local Corporation CEO Heath Clarke, who has helmed the company since 2001 — several lifetimes ago in Internet years. He talked about the company’s position in the hyperlocal ecosystem, the growing importance of mobile for SMBs and the future of daily deals as a category…

WNYC’s Schachter: Many Hyperlocal Startups Don’t Focus on ‘Things That Matter’

“The amount of coverage of restaurant openings that you see in the hyperlocal space is disproportionate to the significance of restaurant openings to the world as a whole,” says the WNYC news VP. “That is probably a little uncharitable, but not too much.”

Sense CEO: SMBs Must Reach Consumers at Decision-Making Points

“The mobile experience is a very personal interaction with the consumer.” says Sense Networks CEO David Petersen. “It’s one that you can interact with consumers and lots of times, when they’re on the go. I think it’s less formal than online. I think it’s a great medium for connecting with consumers and I think today it’s also exceptionally cheap.”

How Big Data and Augmented Reality Are Transforming Hyperlocal

Behind the most innovative hyperlocal technology companies is likely a Hadoop cluster — an open-source distributive data framework, which allows companies to collect and analyze data at scale. Street Fight recently caught up with Cloudera’s VP of technology solutions Omer Trajman and solutions architect Patrick Angeles to discuss how “big data” is continuing to change the game in hyperlocal…

Banjo CEO: Location Is Key for Social Apps

Banjo, one of a number of fast-growing location-based social apps, recently reached one million users just nine months after its launch. The company’s founder, Damien Patton, talked to Street Fight recently about the impact of location technology, how advertising is evolving with social media, and the future of location-based social networks…

The 2012 Election Goes Hyperlocal With Targeted Online Ad Buys

Online advertising for the 2012 election is all about “addressability,” says Jordan Lieberman, managing director of Campaign Grid, which bills itself as “the online advertising platform for campaigns and causes.” Street Fight spoke with Lieberman about what kinds of online ad buys we can expect to see from the parties in the coming months…

Tagwhat: Creating Location-Based Stories

Foursquare gave us location-based community and merchant information and established check-in behavior among consumers. Now Tagwhat, a Colorado-based company, hopes to build on that legacy by enhancing users’ location experience with what they call a “mobile encyclopedia of where you are.”

LivingSocial Sales Chief: Relationships With Merchants Are ‘Key Focus’

Mandy Cole, the company’s SVP of sales, spoke with Street Fight recently about how LivingSocial is moving away from the classic notion of daily deals, the importance of mobile, and why developing relationships with merchants will always be the company’s top priority.

Paulding.com’s Hughes: Patch’s Plan B Should Be Franchises

The founder of the Knight News Challenge-winning indie hyperlocal talks with Street Fight about what it’s like to compete with the local Patch, the key mistake he made, and why the future of hyperlocal may include owner-operated franchises.

PBS ‘Local’ — Building From the Bottom Up

Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood might bear resemblance to an idyllic (or frightening) vision of the hyperlocal ideal — but the network behind these standards of our pop-culture recollections has its own ideas about what it means to be out there on the street. PBS wants to bring culture to the neighborhood; to share among others. To be local while not being hyper. To cooperate.

A ‘Vicinity Browser’ That Targets Local with the Power of Social

Once a novelty, “geobrowsing” apps have lately become a bit of a yawn. The products may be useful for navigating the hyperlocal landscape, but they haven’t proven compelling enough to hold consumer interest.

One new-ish product that that might bring geobrowsing back is Cynapse’s Localscope. The iPhone app, which was released in January, does what you might expect from a geo-centered service, gathering information about the area around you from multiple search engines and presenting it on a map. But rather than just focusing on technology or data depth, Localscope takes a lateral step into polishing design and UI to make an elegantly efficient experience…