AI and the Drive-Thru Street Fight

AI and the Drive-Thru

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The drive-thru was an innovation when it first appeared in 1921 at a place called The Pig Stand. Fast-forward to 1947, when the two-way speaker box debuted at In-N Out Burger. Car culture has always been popular in the U.S., and the pandemic accelerated the desire for consumers to stay in their cars while picking […]

Autonomous Retail

Why Retailers Are Investing in Tech Companies

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Companies like Ulta Beauty and Home Depot are investing $20 million and $150 million, respectively, in tech companies to claim the cutting edge of retail innovation. Retail expert Rick Berger, President at NewStore, checked in with Street Fight to explain the trend.

The Value of Business Agility

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Business agility is not just a talking point; it’s a worldview that informs all of your organization’s decisions and allows the business to continue evolving amid unpredictability.

3 Benefits of Scenario-Based Innovation

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Scenario-based innovation takes mega trends and industry-specific trends and translates them into future scenarios. These scenarios define future states – for example, over the next five to eight years – to identify potential long-term ideas. Those ideas are then typically used to create a concrete business model and a tangible action plan.

Contactless Commerce Is Suddenly Mission-Critical in Every Retail Category

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The phrase “by any means necessary” is fast becoming retail’s new mantra. The same industry that is typically viewed as cautious and conservative is moving really quickly. More quickly than I have seen in my 35 years in the industry. And where is the industry moving most quickly? Toward something we now call “contactless commerce.”

Shoppers around the world are afraid. They’re guarded, and they are wary of any contact with any strangers. They don’t want you to come near them. In response, retailers in every category are absolutely scrambling to remove human contact from the shopping journey. 

Amazon’s Just Walk Out Cashierless Solution Is an Antitrust Signal

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It’s well established that Amazon dominates at dominating industries adjacent to retail. But that’s what makes its Just Walk Out solution more suspect. By doubling down on retail as a service, Amazon is courting enterprise customers in the very industry — brick-and-mortar retail — that its main e-commerce business gutted. The Seattle behemoth is asking firms like Walmart and Macy’s to pay it for the chance to meet the same Amazon-driven standards that put some of the retail champions of yesteryear out of business.

Heard on the Street, Episode 30: The Art of Digital Persuasion, with Jeff Hasen, Part II

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Amid accelerated disruption in digital media, consumer touch points continue to fragment. That includes a growing list of interfaces and delivery channels for content—everything from smartphones to watches to headphones and speakers. So what’s a marketer to do?

This is the topic of Jeff Hasen’s third and most recent book, The Art of Digital Persuasion, which we discuss with the author on the latest episode of the Heard on the Street Podcast. In addition to marketing tactics, Hasen brings other sorts of savoir-faire to the table as a journalist and ad agency exec.

What Does (Local) Innovation Look Like in 2019? An Open Question

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More specifically, what will innovation look like going forward in local marketing and retail? How will it at once address the unignorable concerns about privacy and transparency that have reached a fever pitch of late and stay true to the best of the Silicon Valley spirit, namely, introduce something both new and necessary? How do local innovators move fast without breaking= things? Is that possible?

We at Street Fight want to hear from you, our readers, about the innovation you’re excited about in local in 2019 and your concerns about business practices in the industry in years to come. Drop me a line with your predictions, concerns, and hopes for Local in 2019 at [email protected].

Street Culture: Balancing Structure and Exploration in Company Culture

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Environment, talent, and process all encourage the growth of innovation, according to IT research firm CEB, which was recently acquired by Gartner. But there’s a balancing act that must take place between structure and exploration — especially for smaller companies on a fast upward growth curve.

Street Culture: Puts Company Culture of Trust and Respect First

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“The culture starts at the top and stays with the top and there is nothing more important than leading by example in that respect,” says CEO Kristen Stiles. Her company,, connects parents with local babysitters.

True Innovation in Local News Organizations Still Lacking

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News sites need to innovate around their core competencies by spending time understanding their customers (advertisers and consumers) and what problems they can solve for them. The solutions should be a good fit for the organization and should be something that they are uniquely positioned in the marketplace to provide…