Now More than Ever, Local Strategy Differs by Vertical

The putative benefits of competing in vertically oriented channels come at a greater cost than was the case when GMB provided a unitary platform for all industries. Simply put, Google is serving the specialized needs of price-conscious travelers or those who want greater assurances when hiring a service professional, and in so doing, the company is creating additional channels to generate revenue through ads. More and more businesses will have to get used to spending their way toward greater exposure to their desired audiences — which is only odd in light of the fact that so much of local marketing has historically been organic in nature.

Choice Hotels Reimagines Room Service with Partnership

A new partnership between Choice Hotels and is being seen as a sign of changing times within the hospitality industry. is now providing a “room service-like experience” for hotel guests at Choice Hotels, allowing guests to have orders from local restaurants delivered directly to their hotel locations.

Online Reviews Providing Insights That Help Brands Compete

The evidence is in. Reviews on social media have a material impact on the capital investments made by nationwide brands. The key is strength in numbers: A national brand will be more likely to have the critical mass of reviews required in order to move beyond anecdotal evidence and glean statistically significant results.

Case Study: Hotel Attracts Luxury Travelers with Guest-Facing Mobile Tech

As London’s boutique Lanesborough Hotel began what would become a 19-month, multi-million dollar refurbishment in 2014, executives started looking for strategic ways to appeal to guests with luxury tastes. To go along with the newly renovated rooms, which reopened in July, the team decided to add a technology component that would be unlike anything travelers had ever experienced.

Street Fight Daily: Google Books Hotels, What’s Next for Square?

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyGoogle Checks In to the Hotel Business (Wall Street Journal)… A Sale or IPO or More Funding? Here’s What Might Be Next for Square (Recode)… Uber’s Threat Finally Hits as Postmates Surges to 10k Deliveries a Week (Pando)