Enhancing Customer Engagement: Vericast and MessageGears Collaborate

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Vericast NXTDRIVE and MessageGears have strategically collaborated to redefine customer engagement, promising a seamless solution that delivers scalability, speed, and efficiency. Set to launch early next year, NXTDRIVE represents a customer data marketing platform (CDMP) designed to elevate brand communications through personalized messaging across various channels, including email, short message service (SMS), and push notifications. […]

Blueshift CEO : Marketer’s Jobs More Complex

Blueshift CEO: Every Marketer’s Job Has Become Complex

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What do major brands like StitchFix, CarParts, and Discovery+ know about digital marketing and AI that the little guys don’t? That’s a question best asked to the person responsible for developing cross-channel campaigns and customer engagement programs for some of the top brands in the country, Vijay Chittoor. As co-founder and CEO of Blueshift, a customer […]

More Brands Are Scaling Digital Channels for Customer Engagement — Here’s Why

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Communicating with brands on social media has become the norm for consumers. Surveys show that roughly half of all consumers who engage with brands on social media are reaching out about customer care concerns, and more than 65% of social media users across all platforms expect brands to respond, regardless of whether the initial outreach was via private messages or public posts.

Those expectations have only heightened over the past six months, and many brands have had to pivot their customer support and engagement priorities on the fly.

How 5 Retail Brands Are Maximizing the Power of User-Generated Content

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Photos and videos that shoppers post on social media convey sentiment about brands, giving fellow consumers—and brands themselves—an uncensored look at how people really feel about their products and services. How brands harness this feedback is evolving, as brand marketers find new ways to glean insights from the unstructured consumer feedback being posted on social media and elsewhere online. Here are five examples of brands that are engaging shoppers across social channels and taking full advantage of the content that customers post on their own online accounts.

At CallRail, Community Forums Prove Valuable for Product Development

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Community forums—online spaces where consumers and developers can interact and collaborate— are increasingly popular tools for companies hoping to improve their product development and ideation. The strategy is working effectively for marketing tech vendor CallRail.

Street Culture: Birdzi Finds ‘Liberation’ in Lack of Corporate Hierarchy

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“What happens a lot of times in corporations is you find that decisions are made that can’t be questioned,” says CEO Shekar Ramen. “We don’t have any of that and we want to maintain the flat nature of our company as much as possible.”