FKA CGO: ‘Any Agency That Says These Are Easy Times Is Simply Lying’

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Is the agency model inherently broken, or is the executive turnover taking place at large global firms pushing the digital media landscape in a more positive direction? If you ask Linsey Loy, the newly-appointed chief growth officer at Formerly Known As, or FKA, it’s most definitely the former.

Digital Marketing Trends for Agencies

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for Agencies

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To keep up, agencies need to take initiative as soon as a marketing trend begins. This not only helps your clients stand out in their markets, but it also helps you become a leading agency in your own right. Here are the top digital marketing trends for agencies that you should jump on quickly in 2023.

How Agencies Can Thrive as Data Restrictions, and Walled Gardens, Gain Strength

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Agencies must figure out how to help clients navigate the new privacy era of digital ad targeting. They can thrive despite new advantages for walled gardens.

The Value of Audience Intelligence Extends Beyond Media—and That’s a Good Thing for Agencies

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The trend toward brand in-housing of media operations has been a growing challenge for agencies for more than a decade now. As of this time last year, 91% of brands reported having moved at least a part of their digital marketing operations in-house. Many agencies have had to address the question: How do we stay relevant in an age of direct-to-consumer strategies and increasing automation of media execution? 

As we enter the next era of audience intelligence, today’s agencies have a new opportunity to refine their value proposition to clients and reclaim their roles as strategic advisors, all by leveraging the same strengths and tools that once defined their roles as invaluable media partners. Let’s look at how agencies can help brands extend the promise of audience intelligence beyond optimizing their media plans. 

As Agencies Feel the Squeeze, Covid-19 Reshapes the Martech Industry

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One in four small businesses has temporarily shut down, and 43% believe they have fewer than six months until permanent closure is unavoidable. With the small business community in panic mode, budgets for digital marketing have been slashed, and agencies are feeling the pinch.

“Everyone has been in panic mode, and rightly so. Businesses are worried about who might have to be furloughed [or] laid off, getting their PPP loans, what kind of regulations do they need to comply with, [and] what their contingency plans are for keeping any amount of revenue coming in,” says Simon Schwartz, founder of Locasaur. “Businesses are not interested in being pitched new marketing tech.”

The Path to Agency Scale: Product, Sales, or Both?

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David: I’ve been thinking quite a bit about our product mix at ThriveHive recently. And in particular the segmentation of the various offerings of our newly combined GateHouse/Gannett company by customer budget.

It has surprised me, frankly, that so few agencies seem to go to market with the essential digital marketing bundle for local businesses you and I proposed exactly two years ago. In re-reading that article, I’d still give the same advice today and with even more urgency based on the rollout of Local Service Ads.

Why Ad Tech Needs to Shift Toward a Managed-Service Model

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Alexandra Theriault: The expense of in-housing and the programmatic talent shortage are long-term issues. Currently, in-housing runs contrary to the general trend of reliance on outsourcing and on-demand technologies (like SAAS) that allow businesses to focus on their core competencies instead of wasting resources on peripheral concerns. That’s why, although it might seem like the market is going to a self-service model, for many marketers it’s not the most practical or efficient option.

As Brands Move Marketing In-House, Agencies Push Back

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The number of big brands moving their marketing in-house is growing, but whether that decision actually leads to lower costs and faster turnaround times is still a hotly debated topic. Holly Robowski, associate director of paid media at Cardinal Marketing, offers a perspective contradicting the pro-in-house zeitgeist.