Survey: Interactive Video is the Future

Of course, we might approach a survey by an interactive video platform about the love for interactive video with some caution. But there are other signs that interactive video is the future of online customer engagement, increasingly taking over both online ads and shopping experiences.

Leadferno Launches to Power the Front End of Five-Star Customer Experiences

When Aaron Weiche, CEO and co-founder of Leadferno, started his previous company GatherUp, the goal was to help businesses organize data on customer experiences and boost their reputations. Now, Weiche is onto his next venture, which aims to set up the communications infrastructure that will help businesses kick off those five-star customer experiences.

Local Newsletters Are Good for Covid Information — And Marketing

Publishers are taking advantage of localized media to disseminate Covid information. Those same geo-targeted messages can provide effective audiences for marketers, says Kerel Cooper, CMO at email marketing platform LiveIntent. He elaborated on that view in a Q&A with Street Fight.

Innovation Brief: Facebook, Zoom & Delivery Robots

On a semi-weekly basis, Street Fight’s Innovation Brief series aggregates and analyzes happenings from across the technology and media spheres. This week, we look at Facebook’s latest ad reforms, Zoom’s ‘Focus Mode,’ and delivery robots going to college.

Why Social Data is More Valuable than Ever

Sav Khetan, Head of Product Strategy at Tealium, checked in with Street Fight to discuss why the data on social platforms is more valuable than ever, how advertisers can navigate privacy changes, and how customer data platforms can help.

Is Snap Building a Local Discovery Engine?

Snap wants to compete with Google Maps as a local search and discovery engine. That’s a tall order, but Snap could have an edge in socially-fueled map results. As often, it’s all about the data.

Why Audio Out-Of-Home Is Attracting Brand Marketers

“Between Covid-19 altering consumer buying behaviors and accelerating the growth of e-commerce, specifically in retail media, consumers have higher expectations than ever when it comes to customer experience,” Vibenomics CSO Paul Brenner says. “Implementing AOOH into retail media plans allows retailers to deliver a personalized, one-to-few shopping experience consumers now expect.”

MOLOCO Secures $150m in Series C Funding

The mobile app marketing company MOLOCO announced that it had raised $150 million in Series C funding. Tiger Global Management led the round.

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Retailers Implement Hybrid Shopping Experiences to Adapt to Covid Disruption

The so-called “buy and return loop” that stores faced during the height of the pandemic is back, and it’s a major burden for fashion retailers across the country. According to Britt Mills, senior director of customer experience at the digital consultancy Mobiquity, more shoppers are being forced to skip the dressing room due to in-store safety protocols, and since they can’t try on items, that leads to a higher likelihood of returns.

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Retailers on Edge as Delta Variant Spreads

School supplies and backpacks should be flying off the shelves right now, but growing concerns over the Covid-19 Delta variant are prompting more families to hold off on back-to-school shopping and make essential purchases online.

Why Content Is Replacing Clicks as the Cornerstone of Digital Marketing

While the click-oriented advertising model is not going away and has its place, it is becoming more complicated with the influx of privacy changes that make targeting and measurement harder. As a result, VRTCAL Founder and President Todd Wooten makes the argument that content is king again.

Innovation Brief: TikTok, NBC & Roku

On a semi-weekly basis, Street Fight’s Innovation Brief series aggregates and analyzes happenings from across the technology and media spheres. This week, we look at TikTok Stories, NBC’s Olympics viewership, and Roku’s new originals play.

Back to School 2021: Supply Chain Shortages and High Demand

Preparing for back-to-school shopping this year, retailers faced a tremendous challenge: anticipating consumer needs at a time when Covid case numbers are shifting month to month and the conditions of in-person learning remain unclear. Add supply chain squeezes and rising consumer expectations, and BTS, which is supposed to be among many retailers’ best seasonal events, risks proving disastrous.

Delta Variant Leads to Shift in Consumer Behavior — Marketers Respond

With Covid-19 Delta variant cases on the rise, social distancing and sanitation have once again become top priorities for consumers. According to new data by Avionos, consumers are growing increasingly wary of shopping in physical stores due to the rise of the Delta variant. Among those consumers who shopped with a new brand during the pandemic, almost one-third cited safe in-store experiences as a top reason for choosing that brand.

Report: Privacy and Walled Gardens Risk Undermining Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies, and the data they run on, face systemic risk in 2021. More than ever before, marketers’ access to customer data is being cut off by increased privacy restrictions from governments and private gatekeepers alike.

6 Omnichannel Ad Buying Platforms for Brands

With much of the $664 billion advertising market in flux, there’s a renewed focus on omnichannel platforms that use integrated workflows to improve efficiencies and reduce redundant work. This next generation of ad buying solutions takes into account disparate channels and audiences, enabling brand marketers to automate and optimize campaigns across ecosystems.

QR Code

6 QR Code Ordering Solutions for Restaurants

QR codes are finding new life as businesses adapt to the ongoing pandemic. Consumers seeking out touchless payment opportunities and businesses wanting the ability to integrate more tools for tracking and analytics are embracing the technology with a level of enthusiasm we haven’t seen before.

Enriching First-Party Data to Remove Marketing ‘Blind Spots’

More advertisers are taking control of their media spend, and they’re looking for better ways to have direct involvement in the use of first-party data to improve ad performance. Those are just a few of the findings in a new report by Kantar looking at the latest behaviors, attitudes, and trends in the digital advertising space.

The Undeniable Drive of Diana Lee and Constellation Agency

Constellation Agency CEO and co-founder Diana Lee immigrated to the US at five and endured a rough-and-tumble childhood, watching her parents get robbed repeatedly. But to the extent that anyone can, Lee has beaten insecurity, economic and affective. She is at the helm of an advertising technology company that, while remaining self-funded, has outgrown its offices numerous times, catapulted to more than 100 employees, and is on track to report $45 million in revenue this year.

SOCi Acquires Brandify, Melding Location Marketing Strengths

Brandify has been acquired by SOCi, a fast-growing market leader in location and social media management for enterprise brands. Brandify and SOCi will combine their technologies and expertise under the SOCi name to serve more than 700 major national and international brands, accounting for over 3 million total store and office locations worldwide. The acquisition includes Street Fight, which will continue to operate as an editorially independent media outlet.