E-Commerce Retailers See Opportunity in Secondhand Market

Call it secondhand shopping, circular fashion, or the “new to you” business. The resale market for brand name goods has never been hotter.

How Retailers Are Grappling with Supply Chain Disruption

Few economic issues have persisted throughout the pandemic with the intensity of supply chain disruption. But how is the issue affecting retailers as we head into the third full year of the pandemic, which first disrupted global business in spring 2020?

3 Ways for Mobile App Marketers to Earn Positive Reviews

User feedback is a puzzle, and one piece that always seems to be missing from the brand side is engagement. User reviews and consistent customer experiences are the keys to a loyal user base. What’s more, reviews left without replies can be more devastating than no review at all or a negative one.

Mobile Apps Show Strong User and Engagement Growth

Privacy headwinds as well as the advent of the metaverse and a new wave of hardware have led many to question the future of mobile’s place at the center of digital marketing. But according to a new report by mobile marketing measurement company Adjust, mobile is experiencing significant growth despite headwinds.

Camera IQ Helps Brands Leverage AR on TikTok

Camera IQ, an AR creation tool, launched support this week for brands using AR on TikTok. Camera IQ is already helping brands and publishers such as Cartoon Network and Smashbox creative native AR experiences on TikTok to captivate users and create shareable social experiences.

5 Predictions for Influencer Marketing

It is getting hard to tell one influencer marketing platform apart from another, a problem for brands questioning where to go and investors, M&A actors, and industry watchdogs wondering what really distinguishes them. To wit, I caught up with Pierre Cassuto, global chief commercial officer at influencer marketing platform Humanz, to understand how those of us looking at the space from the outside should be judging its many players.

Mobile Madness: Expert Roundup 2

Mobile has been a hot subject for the past year as marketers and technologists figure out how to map customer behavior and orchestrate marketing in the wake of Apple’s anti-tracking AppTrackingTransparency policy. In this roundup, experts from CatapultX, Ericsson Emodo, PPRO, and Mobivity weigh in on best practices for one of digital marketing’s most important devices.

Savvy Retailers Are Turning Returns Into Revenue — Here’s How

Returns are inherently expensive due to shipping and restocking fees, but some retailers are finding ways around those issues. In the process, they’re coming up with new strategies for building revenue streams from customer returns.

Google Is Using AI to Improve Business Listings — Here’s How

Google said it would be using artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a self-updating Maps product that predicts when business hours are likely to be wrong and updates listings automatically using AI-generated predictions.

New Hires at Publica, January Digital, Vibrant Media

The monthly Street Fight new hires roundup features movers and shakers in adtech, martech, e-commerce, localized marketing, location intelligence, and more. This month’s roundup features new hires at CTV ad platform Publica, digital analytics company January Digital, and contextual marketing firm Vibrant Media.

5 Ad Tech Platforms for Supermarket Chains

In a move that’s been a long time coming, supermarkets are finally switching from print to digital advertising en masse. Printing circulars and paper coupons are being replaced by sponsored search and display ads as supermarkets both boost their own advertising spend and set up retail media networks to allow brands to better reach their shoppers. Amazon paved the way for grocers to advertise online with its acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017, but continued growth in 2022 is due primarily to surging demand for last-mile grocery delivery via mobile apps like Instacart and DoorDash.


How Do Marketers Maximize the Value of Customer Data?

Street Fight connected with Arun Kumar, EVP, data and insights at Hero Digital, to learn more about how marketers can maximize the value of data at a time when third-party data is disappearing from the market.

mobile notifications

Mobile Madness: Roundup on Marketing Best Practices

Mobile has been a hot subject for the past year as marketers and technologists figure out how to map customer behavior and orchestrate marketing in the wake of Apple’s anti-tracking AppTrackingTransparency policy. In this roundup, experts on digital marketing and mobile weigh in on best practices for one of digital marketing’s most important devices.

Redefining Mobility Data in a Privacy-First Era

Mixing engagement data with app ownership, brand marketers are redefining the term mobility data for a new era and discovering better ways to overcome the data collection obstacles created by privacy regulations.

How Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Transforming for an Omnichannel Era

I connected with Nikki Baird, VP of strategy at Aptos Retail, to discuss how retailers can succeed in the era of omnichannel shopping.

Consumers Widely Frustrated by Business Messaging

Consumers are seeking easier ways to connect with businesses. For businesses, offering a phone number is no longer enough to maximize conversion opportunities when connecting with local customers searching for their products and services. But few businesses are prepared to meet consumers’ demands for quick, convenient communication.

How Brands Are Navigating Online Marketplaces, Especially Amazon

I connected with Dani Nadel, president and COO of Feedvisor, a firm focused on Amazon optimization, to discuss the state of online marketplaces, Amazon strategies, and alternatives for businesses looking for other platforms.

BrandMuscle Releases Markie, a Local Marketing Virtual Assistant

The classic SMB marketing problem is that SMBs simply do not have the staff or time required to coordinate sophisticated digital marketing campaigns. BrandMuscle is stepping in to solve the problem with Markie, a local marketing virtual assistant that analyzes opportunities and points operators toward ideal next steps.

How Will AR Glasses Impact Mobile Marketing?

While Meta races to build the company’s first augmented reality glasses by 2024, mobile marketers are already looking for opportunities to capitalize on the new technology.

The Growth of App Store Optimization and How Tracking Changed After ATT

We know tracking got harder after Apple implemented its AppTrackingTransparency policy, which forced users to opt into cross-app tracking on iOS. But how exactly? For which verticals? When will Google make a similar move? And how has mobile marketing changed as a result?