Case Study: Georgia Cleaning Service Uses AI Assistant for Targeted Promotions

“We cannot afford for a campaign to be ineffective, which to us means that we need every campaign to bring in enough money to at least pay for itself,” says My Amazing Maid owner Royce Ard . “Almost all of our marketing expenses are for acquisition-type campaigns to attract new customers.”

Case Study: Brick-and-Mortar Shop Looks to Compete with Online Sales

At Nutrishop in San Francisco, Jason Miller is using a digital platform called Pointy to automatically publish his products online and also drive customers into his store. By integrating Pointy’s box with his Lightspeed POS system, Miller has been able to scan products with a scanner and have those products appear on his store’s Pointy page online.

Case Study: East Coast Wings Uses Localized Ads to Fight Against Post-Super Bowl ‘Wing Fatigue’

Fast-casual dining franchise East Coast Wings + Grill created locally-relevant social media campaigns to target consumers and gauge foot traffic results during last year’s Super Bowl. Now one year later, Director of Marketing Maria Capparelli says East Coast Wings plans to continue delivering locally targeted ads and posts.

Case Study: Restaurant Group Uses Spend Data to Analyze Customer Base

For Good Food Guys, a restaurant group that owns and operates fast casual restaurant concepts in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, digital marketing platforms helped bring in customers over the holiday season who were already out doing their shopping, while also rewarding those who visit most frequently.

How One International Juice Company Takes Its Marketing Local

Even though Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company has customers around the world, its marketing strategy is focused on reaching local markets. Street Fight recently caught up with CMO Natalie Sexton to talk about the company’s approach.

Case Study: Aerial Entertainment Company Turns Late-Night Web Browsing Into Booking Opportunities

kayla Dyches has been able to capitalize on her unique line of work to get free press in local publications, but still says the best way to promote her upcoming classes is still with paid online advertising. She runs paid ads on Facebook and Instagram every two to three months to promote her circus arts classes.

Case Study: Portland Retailer Reaches New Customers with At-Home Try-On

EcoVibe Apparel is working with a hyperlocal startup called Dorrbell and giving local shoppers a way to try on items from the comfort of their homes. Customers go online and choose products they would like to try on, they then schedule a time for them to be dropped off.

Spa Facial

Case Study: Rhode Island Spa Looks to Automate Repetitive Marketing Tasks

When Alayne White first started using an online booking portal at her eponymous Rhode Island spa, her goal was to get just 10% of clients to book online. Eight years later, she’s inching closer to the 50% threshold, as nearly half of her clients are booking their appointments through desktop and mobile devices.


Case Study: Harley-Davidson Dealers Push to Grow Mobile Database

When marketers discuss the effectiveness of email and SMS campaigns, the size of a company’s customer database can play just as significant a role in the success or failure of a given campaign. That was one of the challenges faced by Calculated Risk Motorcycle Group, a management company for six Harley-Davidson dealerships.

Case Study: Swedish Salad Chain Boosts Impressions with Local Facebook Pages

Rather than budgeting for large TV buys, Redfellas is working almost exclusively on using social media for low cost marketing and advertising. Specifically, the Swedish salad and smoothie chain is looking to expand its footprint on Instagram and Facebook with local store pages.

Case Study: Sailing Company Leverages Online Reviews to Maximize Sales

Online reviews can make or break a business in the tourism industry, which is one of the reasons why Kai Kanani Sailing Charters is pulling out all the stops to drive a higher volume of reviews on third-party websites like Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor..

Case Study: Coffeehouse Chain Adds Convenience With On-Demand Delivery

In addition to increasing sales with added take-out and mobile ordering options, supervisor William Lee is also hoping that on-demand delivery will help to organically bolster Tom N Toms’s presence on social media and mobile channels.

Case Study: Non-Profit Searches for Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions

Community support is essential for any local organization, and particularly for non-profits like Keshet Dance Company, which relies on partnerships and sponsorships to fund its socially-driven programming for at-risk youth.


Case Study: Franchisee Sees Better Customer Retention With iPad POS

Social media plays an integral role in most local merchants’ marketing strategies, but Oilerie’s Lori Hackman says business owners have to do more than just post occasionally on Facebook or Twitter to get people engaged and motivated to come into their stores.

Case Study: Virginia Retail Chain Shifts Print Ad Budget to Social Channels

Kim Glover, A. Dodson’s director of marketing, says that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest make up the core of the retailer’s online marketing program — however the company is “always ready to evolve” with its customers as new platforms gain in popularity and usage.

Case Study: Hardware Store Shifts Marketing Mix, Joins the ‘Buy Local’ Movement

Taylor’s Do it Center is never going to be able to compete with corporate heavyweights like Home Depot and Lowe’s. But the company is hoping to turn its locally owned status into an asset, rather than a liability, by partnering with other small businesses and educating consumers on the benefits of buying local.

Bakery, Cake, Dessert

Case Study: A Maryland Bakery’s Love/Hate Relationship With Facebook

Never underestimate the power of social media. That’s a lesson that Capital City Cheesecake co-owner Meaghan Murphy learned the hard way while trying to get her Maryland-based bakery/café up and running in 2010. She thought word of mouth alone would be enough to build a sustainable business.

Case Study: Coffee Chain Tracks Service Levels with Mobile Messaging Tools

For Philz Coffee, a “third-wave” coffee chain with a focus on drip coffee, customer service has become a differentiating factor. For more than three years, Philz has been working with hyperlocal vendor OwnerListens to collect valuable feedback from customers.

Case Study: Fashion Retailer Boosts Engagement With Data-Driven Initiatives

Customer acquisition has never been a problem for the team at fashion consignment retailer 2nd Time Around. But generating the type of data that’s necessary to get a complete picture of customers had been a challenge, according to CEO Kristin Kohler Burrows.

Case Study: Timberland Empowers Local Retailers with Branded Content

“We know that our local retailers are the best way to engage and influence consumers,” says Frank Hwang, Timberland’s senior manager for digital and paid media. The company works with local retailers to provide product storytelling and brand lifestyle content for their digital and social media channels.