Uberall Upgrades Location Services to Account for Booming Mobile Search

The update aims to boost search engine optimization for Uberall’s multi-location consumer-facing clients in order to drive in-store foot traffic. It comes at a time when mobile “near me” searches hit unprecedented heights and continue to grow.

Placed Expands Attribution Solution to Measure TV-Driven Offline Visits

Placed launched television measurement as part of its ad exposure and attribution measuring services today, expanding its omni-channel attribution technologies to the full suite of advertising landscapes.

#SFSNYC: UPS, TripAdvisor, and HappyOrNot Break Down Divergent Approaches to Customer Feedback

Consumer feedback and brands have a complex and sometimes contentious relationship. Three panelists from companies with starkly different relationships to both their customers and the customer feedback process provided their angles on the issue at Street Fight Summit in New York Wednesday.

#SFSNYC: GroundTruth Turns On-the-Ground Data Into IRL Transactions

When consumers visit physical stores, the likelihood that they will complete a purchase shoots up, especially in comparison to the likelihood they will make a purchase after visiting a digital site. “Visits lead to sales,” was the message of Hongzhe Sun of GroundTruth, one of the sponsors of Street Fight Summit in New York Wednesday.

#SFSNYC: May AI Help You? The Marketing Opportunities in Intelligent Search

Artificial intelligence is the future of search engines. Increasingly conversational, intelligent, and visual, search engines are adapting to become the centerpiece of consumer engagement, as well as a virtually new tool for marketers. Purna Virji, senior manager for global engagement at Microsoft/Bing, broke down the AI revolution in search at Street Fight Summit Wednesday.

#SFSNYC: Broadly CEO: Brick-and-Mortars Need to Become Messaging Centers

Phone calls and contact forms are dead, but what about websites? Not so much, said Josh Melick, CEO of Broadly, at Street Fight’s annual summit in New York Wednesday. With this trend showing no signs of stopping, websites—especially those of local businesses—need to become messaging centers.

#SFSNYC: The Growing Power of SMB OS

Until recently, brick-and-mortar shopping relied on the digital world for advertising functions and not much else. But now, local retail has a new digital arena—the full-service operating system. Three leaders in this expanding set of technological solutions for SMBs laid out the state of the field, known as SMB OS, at Street Fight Summit in New York Wednesday.

Perch Deploys In-Store Tech to Help Retailers Close the Path to Purchase

Street Fight recently caught up with Perch CEO Trevor Sumner, who will speak at Street Fight’s Brooklyn summit this June, to hear about the latest at Perch and talk about how in-store marketing tech can lift brands’ bottom lines.