Acxiom Launches InfoBase UK Purchase Transactions Street Fight

Acxiom Launches InfoBase UK Purchase Transactions

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Understanding consumer behavior is paramount to crafting personalized and impactful customer experiences. Acxiom appears to have taken a significant step forward  in this area, with today’s launch of InfoBase UK Purchase Transactions in collaboration with Affinity Solutions. This innovative dataset promises to provided unparalleled insights into consumer spending habits, empowering brands to make informed decisions and elevate their marketing strategies.

InfoBase UK Purchase Transactions is a fusion of Acxiom’s extensive market coverage with Affinity Solutions’ robust purchase transaction data. By seamlessly integrating these datasets, Acxiom is addressing the long-standing demand from marketers for reliable access to customer transactional data. This strategic alliance should enable brands to delve deeper into consumer spending patterns and preferences, driving more effective engagement strategies.

One of the potential key advantages of InfoBase UK Purchase Transactions is its ability to provide transaction-based insights on a massive scale. With access to over 1.5 billion annual transactions across more than 10 million cardholders, brands gain valuable insights into the recency, frequency, and value of consumer spend behaviors. This data is not only comprehensive but also accurate, as it is based on known purchasing activity rather than heavily modeled or proxy data from surveys.

David Keens, VP of Product EMEA at Acxiom, underscored the significance of consumer spending data in crafting relevant customer experiences. He further highlighted how InfoBase UK Purchase Transactions enables brands to develop enhanced engagement strategies by leveraging Affinity Solutions’ transactional data, which provides an authentic reflection of shifting spending patterns.

Moreover, InfoBase UK Purchase Transactions offers full market coverage, allowing brands to apply insights across the entire UK market. This comprehensive coverage ensures that brands have access to actionable insights that reflect the current market dynamics. Whether it’s understanding spending behaviors, identifying market trends, or developing customized insights, brands have the flexibility to leverage transaction-level data to drive their marketing strategies.

In our privacy first world, businesses are continuously searching for new ways to personalize advertising and make I more relevant. “We’re layering our granular purchase data, spanning 15% of UK households, on top of Acxiom’s microcells to create the deepest insights available on the UK consumer economy”, stated Damian Garbaccio, Chief Business & Marketing Officer, Affinity Solutions. He expects that “Brands will be able to attain unparalleled precision in targeting, create strategies based on what people are actually spending, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns in near-real-time.”

In theory, providing brands with this level of transaction-based insight, should empower marketers. However, with brands constantly adjusting to this rapidly evolving landscape, will solutions like InfoBase UK Purchase Transactions be utilized effectively to drive success and deliver value  … to both brands and consumers alike. Time will tell.

George Wolf is a senior writer at Street Fight. who has a passion for technology as it relates to local merchants and national brands. He is particularly interested in the constant evolution of the privacy landscape.
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