Digital Advertisers Suit-Up for the Big Game

Digital Advertisers Suit-Up for the Big Game

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Is Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas REALLY almost here? Yep. On February 11th, teams (and the digital advertisers that leverage the game) will run onto the field and play to win.

As we know, Super Bowl advertising has transformed from the early days of big 60-second TV spots to fully integrated campaigns that are previewed like Oscar trailers. Some debut weeks before the game and flood the media with commentary and clicks.

2024 is no exception.

For a meager $7 million, brands can buy a 30-second spot. According to Ad Age, they were almost completely sold out this month.

Why are Super Bowl ads important? They are a:

  • Window into the CPG (consumer packaged goods) soul and the values of today’s consumer (at least theoretically). From Pringles to soft drinks to beer to cars, they reflect what people theoretically want and need to buy these days (or at least what the brands would love for them to invest in).
  • Opportunity for MULO (multi-location) brands — C-stores, groceries, hospitality venues, and others, to sell the products, foods, and experiences people want while watching the big name. Now is the time to optimize local search, so fans searching for “wings near me” can easily find their snacks.
  • Glimpse into new products, technologies, and brands. In the early days of technology, big new brands “rushed the field” as part of an effort to build awareness. Some of the tech brands that invested in the coveted (pricey) ad spots in the past included Uber, Google, Paramount+, and Squarespace. We predict that we’ll be seeing more AI-related ads in 2024.
  • Chance for digital marketers to flex their creative muscle. Clever is good, but integrated is way better.  Truly savvy marketers and agencies will figure out ways to connect mass awareness with consumer purchases. After all, we’re finally living in an era where someone can see an ad on TV and immediately buy the product they see or search on their phone to immediately order the nearest fast food snack they just saw in an ad. Plus, the weeks before, during, and after the Big Game are all prime time for building and sustaining excitement.

So, if you’re still ruminating over holiday elves and New Year’s Eve festivities, you’re already a little late to the game. But even a play in the final seconds can lead to a trophy!

Nancy A Shenker, senior editor with Street Fight, is a former big brand (Citibank, Mastercard, Reed Exhibitions) marketing strategist and leader. She has been featured in, the New York Times and Forbes.
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