Broadsign Enters Partnership with Zitcha

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Broadsign, a SaaS digital marketing platform, works with retailers globally to plan and deliver content across in-store display screens, including for stores like Auchan, Ahold Delhaize, Coles, and Woolworths. Now, it’s taking its capabilities a step further by entering into a partnership with Zitcha

By partnering with Zitcha, a retail media platform, Broadsign will help retailers reach maximum monetization of their in-store digital display networks. The collaboration enables advertising partners to easily view and book available in-store inventory and review campaign performance alongside retailers’ other media channels.

Based in Montreal, Broadsign sees the emerging intersection of out-of-home advertising and retail media networks.

“The collaboration between Broadsign and Zitcha breaks down barriers to a more holistic, multi-location retail media advertising experience,” said Adam Green, Sr. Vice President of Strategy, Broadsign. “Retailers can more easily monetize their in-store display networks, while both retailers and advertisers are now better able to reach audiences on the path-to and at the point-of purchase.”

According to WPP-owned media agency GroupM, retail media ad spending is projected to reach almost $126 billion by year’s end. In its global mid-year forecast, GroupM called retail media the third-fastest growing advertising channel in 2023 behind digital OOH and CTV. Retail media spending, which GroupM defines as including ad revenue from last-mile delivery services, is also expected to exceed that of TV revenue (including CTV) by 2028.

“This integration provides a clearer view into return-on-advertising spend, Green said. “80 percent of shopping still happens in stores.”

“The potential of in-store retail media is huge and yet still relatively underutilized by retailers and brand advertisers,” said Troy Townsend, CEO of Zitcha, in a statement. “We think the ability to run in-store screens and report on transactions, similar to other marketing channels, is going to be a game changer for brands looking at how they spend their OOH budgets.”

The new Broadsign integration with Zitcha lets retailers and advertisers reach consumers in a more cohesive way. Media buyers can view and book in-store ads alongside ads they are booking on a retailer’s ancillary channels, such as their website or mobile app. For example, these ads can reach customers in multiple store locations, at home while they shop online, or as they are out and about.

Last month, Aussie retailer Coles Supermarkets entered a partnership with Broadsign to plan, buy, and manage ads on its retail media display in stores. Coles said it will migrate 600 of its Coles 360 panels onto the Broadsign platform. 

Back in June, Broadsign debuted its Static Campaigns module, so that media owners can more easily and efficiently manage static and digital inventory and workflows from the Broadsign Platform.

Broadsign acquired Campsite, a leading programmatic out-of-home company, in 2019. Eighteen months later, Broadsign rebranded Campsite to Broadsign Ads, which extended its market reach in the U.S. and Australia.

At the time, Keri Thomas, media supervisor at Cheil Worldwide, praised the new offering, stating, “Executing large scale OOH campaigns requires a DSP that can deliver on ease of use and transparency, and Broadsign Ads has performed above and beyond our expectations, thanks to its numerous capabilities and capacity to streamline the DOOH-specific workflow. Furthermore, access to Broadsign’s team of programmatic digital-out-of-home experts means seamless execution from start to finish.”

Zitcha has also been busy with collaborations. Last month, it entered into a partnership with Meta. The deal enables retailers to access the off-site media market of Facebook and Instagram using Meta’s Managed Partner Ads  API integration. That audience has an estimated $40 billion value around the world.

Zitcha has worked with brands including Canon, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nespresso, Samsung, and Sony.

Kathleen Sampey
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