Borderless Launches Free VR Tools to Consumers

Borderless Launches Free VR Tools to Consumers

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Did you know that you can create a virtual reality experience without paying for it and without coding? Soon, you can. Coming this fall, Borderless is making available its creative platform for consumers who don’t want to learn how to code or pay a fee. Borderless offers extended reality experiences that can increase accessibility to VR experience creation and simplify the delivery of content from corporate training to brand experiences to school field trips and beyond.

The company’s no-code platform brings experiences and products to life for some of the biggest brands in the world across the consumer electronics, retail training, and education verticals. Educational nonprofit Act One already uses it for virtual field trips for students in Arizona.

Borderless officially launched its enterprise-VR applications in 2021, and the platform is compatible with leading VR headsets like Meta Quest and Pico Neo. The company has plans to include the Apple Vision Pro down the road.

According to Borderless CEO Matt Robison, the VR platform is a powerful technological asset for brands and consumers alike because it simplifies the creation and delivery of VR experiences for a wide range of use cases. Robison explained more about it to StreetFight.

Why is Borderless making this platform free to consumers? What is the advantage of that?

Previously for enterprise use only, our platform will now make VR more accessible, scalable, and adaptable for organizations, brands, and creators worldwide. Borderless was purpose-built to be used by people anywhere, of any technical background. The platform will be free for student and personal use to help expand the use of VR and fuel innovation in the space. Paid subscriptions will be available for teams and enterprise users.

How long has the VR creative platform from Borderless existed?

The Borderless platform was developed in 2020, and Borderless Experiences Inc. was formed as its own company in 2022. They were originally developed as a tool for virtual events. The platform has existed since 2020. Borderless is an employee-owned company.

What else can marketers use this platform for?

The platform provides marketers with the tools and capabilities to develop engaging virtual reality experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. By harnessing the power of VR, marketers can unlock new possibilities for storytelling, product demonstrations, interactive campaigns, and brand experiences that go beyond traditional marketing channels. Borderless empowers marketers to tap into the potential of VR as a medium to create compelling and memorable brand experiences. Once an experience is created, users can deploy it to their compatible devices, from headsets to tablets, simultaneously. Borderless makes it easy for users to keep up with managing their content—from creating and deploying to collecting analytics.

What does Borderless expect consumers to use this technology for?

We look forward to seeing how individuals begin to experiment with their content in VR and use it as a tool for expression and communication.

With the platform open and available to anyone, organizations can design and update learning and development programs to train employees, brand marketers can build and share immersive activations, educators can transport students to new places, and students, artists, or design professionals can bring portfolios to life in new ways.

What is the process by which consumers and brands can create VR experiences with Borderless?

Borderless allows individuals and organizations to build immersive experiences in minutes with no headset, no code, and no app required. Users will create an account on our web-based platform and begin uploading content immediately.

Users can upload 180° or 360° videos and images and create interactive quizzes or surveys, all in a simple, web-based tool, previewing their work as they go. A Unity uploader will also allow 3D creators to bring their work, including games, into the platform. As well we will be releasing additional module types throughout the year. Customizable environments tie a complete experience together.

Kathleen Sampey