Shoppable Ads Poised to Hit CTV

Shoppable Ads Poised to Hit CTV

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Shoppable ads are coming to a TV screen near you. Half of online adults recall seeing a shoppable ad on TV, with 70% of those consumers having purchased a featured product either at that time or shortly thereafter, according to consumer research firm Aluma.

Curt Larson, chief product officer at global omnichannel ad exchange Sharethrough, touched base with Street Fight to explain what shoppable TV ads will need to do to connect with consumers and why they’re primed for a breakthrough.

How does the normalcy of consumer click-to-buy online behavior enhance the appeal of shoppable TV ads? 

Online shopping isn’t new; we’ve merely translated an established behavior to a new format and platform. For certain products, TV may be an even better medium for e-commerce sales, as consumers can get a richer experience of the product on a big screen and within organic content. So far, experience shows that lower-cost items and free shipping are vital to TV-based conversions. However, we must first solve the problem of entering information on a TV (credit card, address, etc.).

How will shoppable TV ads evolve to effectively reach consumers, especially as more streaming services delve into ad-based subscriptions? 

For TV ads to effectively reach consumers, bringing the shoppability in an organic and non-intrusive way will be critical. A click-to-buy button inside a common, interruptive, 15-30 second video ad likely won’t be as effective. 

The most organic way may depend on many factors, which include the device, operating system, remote, or access to mobile (for QR codes), so there likely won’t be a one-size-fits all solution. However, when done right, shoppable content placed in the organic content becomes a value-add to the viewer and may not be perceived the same as a normal ad, which can lead to better conversations.

How does the downturn affect the growth of shoppable ads?

If anything, the downturn may accelerate the adoption of shoppable ads. Typically, advertising that measurably makes a sale and has a clear, positive ROI is more durable in economic downturns.

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