Innovation Brief: Girls Who Code, Facebook Messenger, and Humanoid Robots

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Street Fight’s Innovation Brief series aggregates and analyzes happenings from across the technology and media spheres. This week, we look at Girls Who Code, Facebook Messenger payments, and humanoid robots.

These insights come from digital agency M7 Innovations. Founder Matt Maher synthesizes his perspective from the trenches of digital experience creation. See the full episode and summary notes below, and stay tuned for episodes.

???? Girls Who Code teams up with Doja Cat for an inspirational, educational, and interactive Masterclass in coding.

???? Facebook Messenger launches a ‘split payment’ feature. We discuss how Meta is planting seeds to grow into a Super App.

???? Ameca is a robot from Engineered Arts meant to beat the ‘Uncanny Valley’ of humanoids. We discuss the implications.