QR Code Generators for Cannabis Businesses

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Photo: “Veer Guest House” by PabloEvans.

A recent proposal for additional cannabis regulations in California has dispensaries and other marijuana businesses scrambling to meet impending rule changes, but technology companies are stepping in with a solution.

If the California Bureau of Cannabis Control’s proposed regulations are passed, state-licensed cannabis businesses will be required to display unique QR code certificates in their store windows. They would need to have their QR codes handy when transporting cannabis as well. In the long term, lawmakers are hoping the regulation will help consumers avoid purchasing cannabis from unlicensed vendors. In the short term, though, the proposed regulation is forcing dispensaries and other cannabis businesses to search for ways to create compliant QR codes for their stores.

Technology companies that work with the cannabis market have stepped in with their own solutions for creating QR codes that can link to the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s online license search. Here are five options that dispensaries can check out.

1. Beaconstac
Beaconstac has been quick to step in with a QR code generator that complies with California’s proposed regulations. Businesses can create vCard QR codes, PDF QR codes, and Location QR codes to make sharing licensing information as easy as possible. Dispensaries and other retail locations can also create customized QR codes with their own logos. Beaconstac users are able to integrate their QR codes with Google Analytics and measure the number of scans as well as the location and time of scans.

2. Kaywa
Kaywa is one of the most well-known QR code generators. Businesses in a variety of industries can use Kaywa to create QR codes that encode virtually any type of textual information. Anyone with a QR app can scan Kaywa’s codes. Kaywa offers free codes along with a paid QR management platform for businesses that want to create multiple codes or track how many times their codes are scanned and from which devices.

3. KUSH & ØLSEN Labs
KUSH & ØLSEN Labs is a software company that develops competitive solutions and technology for the cannabis market. Because one of the challenges facing the cannabis industry is a lack of information for customers, KUSH & ØLSEN has developed its own QR codes and mobile solutions meant to provide consumers with all kinds of information, including growing conditions and strains, strength and dosage, and health information. Dispensaries can also add online sign-up forms to their QR codes, so they can use the codes to grow their marketing lists.

4. Lucid Green
Lucid Green has developed its own QR codes, which are integrated into the packages of certain cannabis brands. Lucid Green’s QR codes are designed primarily for customer education. When consumers scan the codes, it brings up the company’s app and gives marijuana businesses a direct way to educate their users about their products. Lucid Green’s QR codes also provide brands with a way to enroll customers in their incentive or loyalty programs.

5. Lightning Labels
Lightning Labels specializes in custom labels and printing, and it’s a company that’s already used by businesses in the cannabis industry. In an effort to stay ahead of proposed marijuana regulations, Lightning Labels is offering to print QR codes on product packaging. In addition to detailed product tracking, printing QR labels on marijuana products could give businesses a way to disclose ingredients, batch numbers, licensing, and other elements required for state-specific legal compliance.

Stephanie Miles is a senior editor at Street Fight.Rainbow over Montclair

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