6 Scheduling Platforms for Fitness Studios

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This post is the latest in our “Vertical Challenge” series. It’s our editorial focus for the month of October, including topics like vertical-specific strategies and the pros and cons of zeroing in on local business categories. See the rest of the series here

Cloud-based scheduling systems have come a long way since Street Fight started covering the topic back in 2012. As the number of scheduling platforms has grown, the market has become increasingly specialized. Now more than ever before, scheduling software is being designed to meet the needs of specific industries or verticals.

One of the most exciting verticals right now is the fitness space, where the number of boutique gyms and studios is on the rise. Scheduling software has become an absolute necessity for fitness studios, giving clients a way to quickly book classes, pay for memberships, and even check in from their smartphones.

Here are six scheduling platforms serving the fitness vertical.

1. Mindbody
Mindbody has been in the game for years, and it is by far the most well-known scheduling system for fitness studios. Although Mindbody now offers total business management software, its early success came largely from its online booking system. Now, Mindbody offers everything from branded mobile apps to marketing tools to built-in payments for fitness businesses. With Mindbody, trainers can check their schedules from any device and control class size, opening up more spaces in individual classes as needed. Online booking is available through the fitness studio’s own website, along with Facebook and through the Mindbody app. Studio clients can also join waitlists for classes, which Mindbody will automatically fill if spots open up. Mindbody’s Essential package costs $129 per month.

2. WellnessLiving
WellnessLiving considers itself a “next generation” business management tool. As the name implies, WellnessLiving was designed for wellness businesses. Yoga studios, personal trainers, martial arts studios, and boutique gyms can manage their schedules and facilitate online bookings through the cloud-based platform. Clients can schedule sessions through WellnessLiving’s website, its mobile app, through the studio’s own website, and through Facebook. WellnessLiving automatically sends confirmations and reminders to customers and staff via email and SMS, which decreases no show rates. Studio managers can also notify clients about scheduling changes on the fly. A Starter package with WellnessLiving costs $39 per month.

3. StudioBookings
StudioBookings bills itself as an alternative to Mindbody, differentiating itself on pricing and included features. All of StudioBookings’ pricing plans include all of the platform’s features. Yoga, Pilates, Barre, spin, Zumba, and pole dancing studios can setup class schedules through the platform and accept online bookings. In addition to paying for classes, students can also manage their accounts and setup email alerts for class cancellations and minimum account balances. Like competing platforms, StudioBookings offers tools for studio management, as well. Pricing is dependent on the number of instructors, with monthly costs starting at $45.

4. Glofox
Designed specifically for boutique fitness studios and gyms, Glofox’s platform helps gyms deliver better online experiences for their clients. Fitness studios can organize class schedules and memberships, and they can process payments through the web-based system. Glofox offers branded member apps that studio clients can use to book classes and make purchases from their mobile devices. Complete schedule integration means gyms can design calendars that are customized based on their studios’ individual needs. Gyms that use Glofox can also setup self-service check-in kiosks, so students can check themselves into classes, along with online member stores. Gyms of all sizes can contact Glofox for custom pricing information.

5. Fitli
Fitli’s fitness management software handles everything from scheduling to booking, payments, and client management. With a simplified booking system, gym-goers can quickly schedule classes and other appointments from any device. Studios that use Fitli are able to schedule unlimited appointments, classes, and workshops, with embeddable scheduling buttons that can go on websites and social media pages. Advanced scheduling features include recurring booking, facility and equipment scheduling, and the ability to post cancellation policies online. Fitli’s pricing starts at $29 per month for the Solo package.

6. fitDEGREE
Perhaps the most specialized of the bunch, fitDEGREE makes business management software specifically for yoga studios. With fitDEGREE’s scheduling tools, studio employees and students can filter classes by instructor or location. Student registrations and payments are accessible via the cloud-based platform, and classes or schedules can be edited at any time. fitDEGREE supports one-on-one bookings, with multiple payment options for studios with different business models. Clients can check-in to classes through a mobile app. fitDEGREE costs $100 per month.

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