German Tech Provider Bosch Developing 3D Displays for Cars

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This post is the latest in our “Driving Local” series. It’s our editorial focus for the month of August, including topics like autonomous vehicles and the car as the ultimate “local” mobile device. See the rest of the series here

German tech provider Bosch is working on passive 3D technology that could project directions and alerts into a user’s car without the need for 3D glasses or eye contact, a necessary innovation for safely bringing 3D to the auto industry.

If also drive a hopelessly low-tech car like mine, you may be wondering what the point of all this luxury is. Bosch says the technology could grab drivers’ attention with crucial alerts, help them understand unhelpful directions through visual display, and enhance parking views.

In the long run, this technology could pave the way toward an even more connected car. That means local advertising that could collect more data on user habits and lead drivers toward local businesses when they are on the go. As autonomous vehicles grow more common and sophisticated, the 3D displays could also be used for entertainment or other yet unseen purposes to enhance the auto experience of the future.

Bosch has not released information on precisely when the 3D displays will hit the market. But it could be the next big factor to push luxury vehicles up a tier.

Beyond cars, too, high-quality 3D displays without the need for glasses or eye contact could transform the technology’s potential, making it less gimmicky and expanding its entertainment and informational potential to new contexts.

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