Street Fight Daily: Online-to-Offline Attribution Platforms, Global Retailer Uses AI Vendor to Deliver Omni-Experience

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5 Online-to-Offline Attribution Platforms for Local Marketers (Street Fight)
Online-to-offline attribution isn’t a challenge without a solution. A number of vendors are serving the local market with platforms designed to help local marketers at big brands and multi-location retailers assign the correct value to each point of touch in their multi-touch campaigns. Here are five vendors to which retail brands can turn.

LeSportsac Uses AI to Build Omni-Experiences for Shoppers (Street Fight)
As digital marketing practices evolve in the retail space, LeSportsac has had to shake up its strategy to keep apace. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning, LeSportsac has been able to modernize its marketing programs and more effectively serve its customers.

Publishers Complain GDPR Consent Signals Are Ignored by Ad Buyers (Digiday)
Publishers are concerned that signals that inform ad buyers when users have given their consent to be served personalized ads are not being passed correctly across the digital ad supply chain. Several publishers have said they’ve lost ad revenue as a result.

Amazon Prime Day Purchases Show Growth in Mobile (MediaPost)
Amazon’s Prime Day is known for giving members the best deals on a variety of products, but it could also be the company’s entrance into reaching more consumers through mobile devices.

More Than a Trend: Meme Marketing Is Here to Stay (Forbes)
When done correctly, meme marketing can be very successful. It goes past gag-inducing branded content and shares something of value to the audience.


Walmart Acquiring Shopify Is No Longer a Crazy Idea (TechCrunch)
Sujay Seetharaman: As competition between Walmart and Amazon intensifies, the acquisition of Shopify’s merchant marketplace may be the boost that the Walton family’s juggernaut needs to move ahead.

Google Could Have an Android Replacement Ready by 2023 (Fast Company)
Fuchsia, a scratch-made operating system that some Google employees started building in 2016, is picking up steam within the company. If all goes to plan, the operating system could launch on connected devices such as smart speakers within a few years, and could replace Android within five years.


Facebook Says It Will Start Removing Posts That May Lead to Violence (Washington Post)
Facebook will start removing misleading and inflammatory posts that may trigger violent attacks, the social network said Wednesday, as it faces criticism over its response to sectarian conflict in countries such as Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Apple Deserves an EU Fine, Too (Bloomberg)
Leonid Bershidsky: The European Commission had solid antitrust reasons for fining Google 4.3 billion euros ($5 billion) for violations including the bundling of certain apps with the Android operating system—and for not going after Apple for similar behavior. Yet, from a consumer’s point of view, Apple should get the same kind of attention.

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