Street Fight Daily: Marketers Look for Data Beyond Duopoly, GDPR Spawns a Need for Innovation

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Concerns Grow Over Facebook, Google Duopoly as Marketers Prioritize Data Transparency (Street Fight)
Ninety-five percent of marketers say transparency is an accurate indicator of data quality, and 92% say they have concerns about the advertising duopoly of Facebook and Google, according to a survey conducted in March and April of this year.

GDPR Panic May Spur Innovation in Data and AI (TechCrunch)
Ivy Nyugen: The regulations prescribe a utopian data future where consumers can refuse companies access to their personally identifiable information (PII). Although the enforcement deadline has passed, the technical infrastructure and manpower needed to meet these requirements still do not exist in most companies today. AdExchanger: Google reverses course on a GDPR rule.

Native Mobile Video Ads 15 to 20 Seconds Long Show Highest Rates of Engagement (MediaPost)
Adyoulike’s State of Native Video Report 2018 contradicts the notion that mobile users have limited attention spans and are only interested in short video content. The 2018 data, which sets out to disprove that theory, identifies key trends gathered from more than 30 million in-feed video views run across the Adyoulike platform from January to April 2018.

Ericsson Emodo Launches Carrier-Verified Audience Solution (Street Fight)
In a bid to address quality concerns currently looming over the mobile advertising industry, Ericsson Emodo is launching a product that uses carrier data at scale to pre-verify mobile audiences and inventory, and then makes those audience segments available through any major demand-side platform.

LBMA Podcast: New LBMA Research, Foursquare & Tinder, Verve & Receptiv (Street Fight)
On this week’s edition of the Location-Based Marketing Association podcast: iQiyi, Location Sciences, Foursquare + Tinder, Google Expeditions, Verve buys Receptiv, Kohl’s + Amazon returns, London goes iZettle, and new research from The LBMA.

Media Execs: Data Analytics Should Play Bigger Role in Marketing (Axios)
Data-driven marketing for direct-to-consumer products is exploding. But lack of collaboration between data teams and sales teams means that advertising and marketing efforts aren’t customized enough to push products.

People Are Being Less Personal on Social Media (Atlantic)
There’s only so much connecting social-media platforms can do if people are too concerned about privacy to use them for the full breadth and depth of human communication. Paradoxically, these tools that were built to bolster relationships may, by their very nature, be keeping people at a distance from each other.

‘Subscribed’ Offers a Playbook for Subscription-Based Companies (Local Onliner)
The pick-up in subscriptions and membership-based services has proved to have broad implications for marketing—and specifically, local and SMB Tech Marketing. The shift to subscriptions also incorporates many of the progressive trends and movements in SMB Tech Marketing today.

Like Uber, Lyft Is Building an Amazon of Transportation (Recode)
Lyft wants to be the one-stop shop for any city’s transportation options—even those that don’t include a Lyft ride. Companies like Uber and Lyft have long wanted to become viable first- and last-mile solutions that connect riders to transit and other modes of transportation.

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