Street Fight Daily: Amazon Cuts Out Google Shopping Ads, Advertisers Question Facebook ROI

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Amazon Stops Buying Prized Shopping Ads on Google (Bloomberg)
Amazon has stopped buying a popular type of Google ad, according to people familiar with the decision. The move deepens the rift between the technology titans and signals Amazon’s growing ambition in the digital advertising market.

Adsquare Leverages Quality Guarantee to Boost Marketer Confidence (Street Fight)
The mobile data exchange adsquare believes it has finally cracked the code on data accuracy with a new product that aggregates first-party data from publishers and combines it with validated third-party data from the company’s own exchange.

Facebook’s Big Threat Isn’t Cambridge Analytica — It’s Advertisers Questioning ROI (Digiday)
Advertisers are unhappy about how expensive it’s gotten to advertise on a platform that has openly admitted it hasn’t always charged the correct amount for ads. 

Foreshadowing Future of Food Delivery, Launches Product for Workplace Orders (Street Fight)
The team at believes there are still holes in the workplace food ordering market waiting to be filled. Its attempt to meet those needs is debuting this morning, as the company adds new group ordering functionality to its platform.

Google’s DoubleClick Ad ID Change Presents Challenges and Opportunity for Attribution Vendors (AdExchanger)
James Hercher: It’s hard to make sweeping statements about the DCM policy’s impact on attribution vendors because the ramifications depend on which clients those measurement companies work for and whether the attribution tech is owned by an ad platform or data provider.

Marketers Struggle to Agree on Viewability Definitions (eMarketer)
The CMO Council surveyed 233 senior marketers worldwide in the first quarter of 2018 and found that few respondents are completely fine with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s viewability guidelines, which rate video ads as viewable as long as 50% of the ad is on screen for at least 2 consecutive seconds. 

HubSpot Adds Customer Service Tools to Its Marketing Platform (TechCrunch)
HubSpot is expanding beyond sales and marketing with the official launch of its Service Hub for managing customer service. The product was first announced last fall, but now it’s moved out of beta testing.

TV Viewers Have Been Disappearing, But TV Ad Spending Keeps Chugging Along (Recode)
You know what’s been happening to TV viewers: They’ve been disappearing, year after year. But TV advertisers haven’t followed suit: They’ve kept their spending the same — or even increased it — year after year after year.

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