Street Fight Daily: Brands Demand Video Strategies, Scandal Doesn’t Affect Facebook Use

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Selling to Multi-Location Brands: Streaming Video Is On the Rise (Street Fight)
David Card: Suppliers of local marketing technology and services should move streaming video up on their priorities lists and help their brand customers apply it effectively.

Poll: Three-Quarters Facebook Users as Active or More Since Scandal (Reuters)
Most of Facebook’s U.S. users have remained loyal to the social network despite revelations that a political consultancy collected information about millions of accounts without owners’ permission, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday showed.

Volvo Cars to Come With Google Assistant, Maps Built In (MediaPost)
The next generation of Volvo’s Sensus will run on Android, so new apps and software updates can happen automatically and in real time with no need for an Android smartphone.

Advertisers Clamor for Enhanced Audience Segmentation to Improve Targeting (Street Fight)
Sixty-two percent of advertisers, publishers, and tech developers in a recently released survey said they want better audience segmentation to support ad targeting, and 54% want the ability to map customer behavior across different channels.

For the First Time, Consumers Are More Likely to View Ads Online than On TV (AdWeek)
GroupM unveiled its 2018 “State of the Digital” report, which predicts where people worldwide are expected to consume content in the coming year. And for the first time, the WPP network sees online surpassing every other vertical—linear TV, print and radio—in terms of where people will choose to spend their time with media.

Agencies Must Help Brands Compete in the New Arms Race for Data (AdExchanger)
Martin Kelly: Major businesses have huge amounts of first-party data, but they are increasingly frustrated that their agency partners aren’t properly geared toward helping them realize the huge potential to make use of this via programmatic.

The New York Times Brings Unified Ad, Editorial Approach to New Article Pages (Digiday)
The new story page, which will be visible on all its pages starting May 8, is notable for its single-column layout that strips away clutter and makes journalism the focal point.

Firefox Is Adding Ads (Verge)
Mozilla’s motto is “internet for people, not profit,” however the realities of having to fund all of its ventures are forcing the company into adopting one of the web’s less human-friendly aspects: sponsored content.

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