Street Fight Daily: Sites Tap Audiences for Product Dev, Restaurants Court Young Customers

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

How Publishers Use Their Audiences to Develop Products (Digiday)
To develop fail-safe products, commerce-focused publishers are increasingly tapping their audiences during the development phase.

State of Hyperlocal: Report Shows Buyer and Seller Alignment, Attribution Focus (Street Fight)
David Card: Both SMBs and multi-location brands listed social media as the top marketing strategy on which they were increasing spending. The majority of both groups said they were maintaining or increasing spending on all of the six digital marketing types we asked about.

Casual Restaurant Chains Use Tech to Attract Elusive Younger Customers (AdWeek)
Chains from TGI Fridays to Buffalo Wild Wings are moving away from their old, stale images and adopting an atmosphere that’s more fitting to younger consumers — craft cocktails, an Instagrammable atmosphere with picturesque menu items and broader to-go and mobile ordering services.

Google As Website? The Recent Explosion in Knowledge Panel Features and Interactivity (Street Fight)
“Presentation layer doesn’t sufficiently describe Google’s ambitions. They want to be the transaction layer of the Internet—at least in local,” David Mihm tells Mike Blumenthal in their latest biweekly column.

Facebook Suspends Another Data Firm for Using Cambridge Analytica-Like Tactics (CNBC)
Facebook is suspending a data analytics firm called CubeYou from the platform after CNBC notified the company that CubeYou was collecting information about users through quizzes.

How Digitally Native Brands Succeed on Programmatic (AdExchanger)
Sam Appelbaum: Digitally native vertical brands, such as Caspar and BirchBox, tend to get better results more quickly, with less fraud and higher-quality consumer interactions than other brands.

Walmart Accelerates Rollout of Pickup Towers (MediaPost)
As Walmart continues to intensify its efforts to integrate technology throughout the shopping process, it says it is stepping up the rollout of massive pickup towers for online orders.

Amazon, Apple, and Google Are Also Bracing for Privacy Regulations (WSJ)
We are finally waking up to the fact that we aren’t merely “the product” of companies like Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google. As one Silicon Valley investor put it, we are their fuel.

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