Back to Basics: Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO

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Street Fight typically runs guest posts that single out a nuance about or specific recent development in hyperlocal marketing. In this piece, contributor Kelsey Taylor goes back to the basics, laying out a case regarding the fundamental usefulness of SEO that might be presented to local business owners or industry newcomers. 

Search Engine Optimization is a valuable marketing discipline that allows your company to be discovered organically, without the noise of ads. Improving your search engine rankings will give your company a leg up by building your internet presence and increasing web traffic. Do you want more business visibility in 2018? SEO is the answer.

SEO requires a broad range of skills that can burden your existing team if you choose not to hire an SEO expert or firm, so consider investing the extra buck that it takes to hire professionals, but companies like Boise SEO have all what you need to make your business more visibility. 

Mastering SEO is not just about rank, but also upkeep. Making sure your website is search engine friendly is equally important. Balancing credibility and usability will put your company in the best position to succeed. If you haven’t invested in SEO, you’re missing out! Read on to find out why.

Maximize your ROI

SEO has one of the highest ROIs in advertising. Why? Because you don’t have to build a marketing campaign from the ground up or spend money on an ad to be noticed. Customers are doing the searching, so if you have invested in SEO, they will come to you organically. 

Plus, you’ll get 33% of the clicks if you achieve the number-one spot for a search. Results won’t be immediate, and tracking the ROI accurately can be difficult, but if you’re willing to invest in the long term, the SEO agency Singapore is worth it.

Keywords Can Help Define Your Target Audience

It takes one word or phrase for your company to be reached online. This is why the keywords you choose need to be strategic. This is arguably the most important part of the SEO process.

Before doing anything, it’s important to build a list of possible keywords that your potential customers could search. Focus on the intent of the user in her search. Deciding whether the user’s search is informational, navigational, or transactional will allow you to narrow down your list of keywords.

Splitting up your keywords into two types, head term and long tail, will allow you to come to a decision. Head terms are composed of two words with more competition, and long tail are three-or-four keyword phrases more specific to what you’re selling. Targeting highly competitive keywords isn’t always the answer if you’re just beginning.

Learn About Your Customers

The traffic to your website offers valuable data. It carries valuable information about who your customers are, what they want, and how they search.

SEO can help you Identify the demographics and the characteristics of the audience you’re trying to reach. Google Analytics will track this information for you and allow you to understand what improvements you need to make.

Without SEO, you aren’t able to learn about your customers or keep up with your competitors. Getting insight into how customers engage with your site allows you to put yourself in their shoes and make the appropriate adjustments.

Get Noticed Through Link-Building Campaigns

Link building is an effective strategy to increase the authority of your site, and ultimately, your rankings within Google’s pages. However, it doesn’t work overnight and can take time to develop.

You’ll first want to identify the types of websites that you would like to earn backlinks from and begin compiling an outreach list of prospects. SEO tools will help you build prospect lists at scale.

Once you begin outreach to these sites, you can pitch free trials of your product, or even offer original content with a goal of including a link back to your website. Earning high-quality backlinks from relevant sites within your industry is a strong indicator to Google that your site is trusted by other brands in the same space. Google will ultimately reward this with an increase in rankings.

Build Trust with Customers

Search Engine Optimization uses systems for measuring trust. If your website is displayed consistently in the search results, then the chances of being trusted are better.

When potential customers conduct searches, it often takes many different combinations and attempts before eventually finding the website they’re seeking. Your business is going to look more reliable if your name is showing up in many searches, rather than just one.

It will Propel Your Social Media Reach

Social media is highly integrated into an SEO strategy. Social votes are just as important as your ranking on search engines.

Creating an identity through high-quality content that attracts visitors will not only strengthen your internet presence, but also increase your search ranking. It can grow your social media follower count, build your authority, and influence the content of your search results. Social media profiles are often in the top results for brand names and can give a more personal and appealing touch to your company’s image.

Google handles billions of web searches a day, and this means it’s becoming increasingly critical to utilize SEO for your company visibility and credibility. The internet is only crowding exponentially, and it’s getting more competitive. People are more prone to look at the first page of search results without checking out what comes after, so the only way to stay on top is to understand the importance of SEO and keep at it.

Kelsey Taylor is a creative writer and lover of all things digital media. She’s a poet, educator, and regular contributor to TrustRadius where she continues to write about software and tips for B2B companies.