Street Fight Daily: All Marketing is Local, How GDPR Will Affect Brands

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

How Digital Advances Have Ushered in the Golden Age of Local Marketing (MediaPost)
We’re in the Age of Local. Marketing wars are digital, skirmishes are ongoing, and you win or lose based on local relevance. This is not only the reality for major brands and their agencies, but also for companies whose bread and butter has always been local.

How EU Data Regulations Could Benefit Global Brands (Street Fight)
With less than three months to go until the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect, businesses around the globe are looking for information on how to stay in compliance with what’s been described as the most important change in data privacy regulations in the past two decades.

How to Open Your Mind to Amazon’s Marketing Potential (AdWeek)
Is Amazon still only an effective ecommerce channel of haphazard static imagery and cold product descriptions, or are there much larger creative branding and content opportunities ready to be exploited across the entire ecosystem?

5 Shopper Personalization Solutions for Brands (Street Fight)
Here are five examples of hyperlocal vendors offering the latest personalization solutions for brands and retailers right now.

Collateral Damage from Facebook’s News Feed Changes Piles Up (Digiday)
Facebook’s news-feed changes have already killed LittleThings and Cox Media-owned publisher Rare and are threatening other viral ones. But their knock-on effects are expected to reverberate past the publishers themselves to the companies that supported and enabled Facebook strategies that are ending.

Axios: If Readers Have Little Time for News, Why Would They Engage With Ads? (AdExchanger)
Brevity is the soul of content – and advertising – at Axios. The tech, news and politics site, founded by former Politico execs a little over a year ago, was built on the premise that people are bombarded by info and find it nearly impossible to keep up.

Airbnb Hired Amazon Prime’s Boss to Run its Home-Sharing Business (Quartz)
Airbnb announced on Tuesday that it has hired Greg Greeley, former vice president of Amazon Prime, to oversee its core business of peer-to-peer home rentals.

The Death of the Internet Cookie (Axios)
Over 60% of marketers believe they will no longer need to rely on tracking cookies, a 20-year-old desktop-based technology, for the majority of their digital marketing within the next two years.

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