Street Fight Daily: Duopoly Shares Data with Brands, Third-Party Location Data Boosts Brands

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Duopoly Shares More Data with Brands, But There Are Snags (AdExchanger)
Sizable brands and top-tier publishers can use their clout to pressure media platforms into sharing more measurement data – but what are advertisers actually getting?

Momentum Builds for Third-Party Location Data; Brands See Correlation with Marketing Effectiveness (Street Fight)
David Card: Third-party customer location data isn’t used widely by multi-location brands, but those that use it appear to have better success with local digital marketing.

The Next Big Threat to Consumer Brands (Yes, Amazon’s Behind It) (WSJ)
Big brands would rather shoppers not ask Alexa. The growing popularity of voice-search assistants poses a threat to the biggest makers of household staples. AdWeek: Why Amazon Stores is the digital equivalent of a shelf in the back of a store

How Publishers Can Survive Facebook Churn: Top Expert Weighs In — Part I (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: To help make sense of this sometimes-chaotic state of affairs and find solutions for local news publishers, I went to an expert who I think would be on just about any short list of Facebook demystifiers, Grzegorz Piechota.

Walmart Reimagines In-Store Shopping Experience with Mobile Update (Street Fight)
Walmart’s new Store Assistant is an all-encompassing mobile app solution that includes features such as Walmart Pay, a product search bar, and a product scanner that shoppers can use to double-check prices inside stores.

Businesses Moving to Chatbots, AI, and Away from Mobile Apps (MediaPost)
A quarter of customer service and support operations will include virtual customer assistant or chatbot technology within two years, an increase from less than 2% last year, according to recent predictions from Gartner.

Reality Check is Coming for Subscription-Thirsty Publishers (Digiday)
While it’s tempting to think reader revenue is the answer, the number of publishers that can pull off a scaled subscription business is likely to be small.

Airbnb’s Local ‘Experiences’ Expands; Headed to Success? (LocalOnliner)
Airbnb reports that its “Experiences” division, a major growth initiative launched in November 2016, has expanded its footprint from 12-to-60 cities worldwide, and is slated for rapid growth.

How Newsweek Collapsed (Slate)
Its newsroom has been gutted by firings and resignations. Here is the inside story of the magazine’s explosive growth and spectacular downfall.

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