Street Fight Daily: Clothing Brands Use AI to Boost Mobile Sales, BuzzFeed Innovates on Ads

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

How Fashion and Beauty Brands Use AI to Drive Mobile Purchases (Digiday)
Working with personalization platform Qubit, DvF set up an algorithm-based discovery feed on its mobile site that’s curated using artificial intelligence and tailored to each user. The feed reflects an assortment that changes, depending on how a visitor has shopped in the past.

Brands Aren’t Effectively Planning for Personalization and Segmentation Ahead of the Holidays (Street Fight)
A report from B2C marketing and analytics company Zaius shows that many companies, though they claim to be spotlighting personalization and segmentation as a way to engage customers, are actually not capably following through.

BuzzFeed Thinks It Has Figured Out a Way to Make Web Ads Users Actually Like (Business Insider)
The digital publisher is rolling out two new ads aimed at helping marketers produce ads that fit the look and feel of BuzzFeed without all the heavy lifting of having to create original content.

JustPremium CEO Details Industry Campaign Against Ads Users Hate (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Among the most hated by both desktop and mobile users are pop-ups, auto-play videos with sound and large sticky ads. The Coalition for Better Ads, which includes many members of the ad industry, trade associations and a few news publishers, is developing new standards to give users a better experience when they encounter an ad message.

No Quick Win for Uber in London Over License Loss (TechCrunch)
London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, said Transport for London (TfL) will defend its decision not to renew Uber’s license — with Uber’s appeal process likely to last months (although it can continue to operate in London during this process).

The Trials of Collecting Location Data (eMarketer)
A recent study from location intelligence platform Carto and Hanover Research, which defines location intelligence as turning location data into business outcomes, found that nearly half (47%) of US C-level execs surveyed said that ensuring data quality and accuracy was a challenge they faced when collecting location data.

Online Shoppers Expect Payment Convenience (MediaPost)
Quick checkout is especially important on mobile devices, where shoppers have shorter attention spans and are less patient when it comes to waiting for websites to load, according to the report.

Snapchat Is Twice As Popular As Instagram When It Comes to Teens’ ‘Favorite’ Social App (AdWeek)
Instagram may be encroaching on Snapchat’s territory when it comes to features and users, but Snapchat remains teens’ go-to app for social media, according to Piper Jaffray’s latest report.

Audience-Based Planning is the Next Battleground for Media Agencies (Digiday)
As media becomes more fragmented, the days of relying solely on panel data from comScore and Nielsen to determine media planning and buying are nearing an end.

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