Street Fight Daily: Google Makes Maps Interactive, Amazon Rolls Out ‘Instant Pickup’

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Brings Q&A to Maps, Further Entering the Local Recommendation Space (TechCrunch)
Google is launching a new feature for Google Maps for Android and mobile search today: question and answers. Google is also encouraging business owners to use this for an FAQ section, and business owners will get a notification when questions are posted.

Ad-Tech Expert’s Advice to Local News Publishers: Pivot to Digital Subscriptions (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Ratko Vidakovic, founder and principal of the Toronto-based ad-consulting firm AdProfs, spoke with Street Fight recently about the often-rambunctious world of digital advertising and how news publishing fits into it — not always so well.

Amazon Adds ‘Instant Pickup’ in U.S. Brick-and-Mortar Push (Reuters) Inc is rolling out U.S. pickup points where shoppers can retrieve items immediately after ordering them, shortening delivery times from hours to minutes in its latest move into brick-and-mortar retail.

How Football Viewership Trends Impact Brand Advertisers (Street Fight)
Sports bars suffered in the wake of declining NFL ratings last season, but a drop in viewership could actually benefit hardware stores, gas stations, and supermarkets, according to a new analysis just released this morning by the location intelligence company Foursquare.

Aiming for Transformation via Acquisition, Non-Tech Companies Buy Tech Firms (AdExchanger)
Mike Kelly: In 2016, non-tech companies bought more tech companies than ever before. 682 technology firms were purchased by companies in an industry other than technology, while 655 businesses were purchased by pure-play technology companies.

DoorDash Tests Food Delivery via Marble Robots (VentureBeat)
The San Francisco-based company is partnering with robotics startup Marble for a pilot program that will kick off initially in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Brands Look to Take Back Some Digital Control from Ad Agencies (WSJ)
There are signs some marketers are increasingly bringing aspects of their digital media activity in-house as they look to wrest back control from their agencies.

Why Does Last-Touch Attribution Persist? (Digiday)
While the ways to attribute a sale to a given piece of marketing have grown exponentially, many marketers still rely on last-touch attribution, which gives the last channel to present an advertisement to a converting customer the credit for the sale. 

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