Street Fight Daily: Google Identifies Publishers with Cumbersome Ads, Facebook Cleans Up Its Garden

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Reveals Sites with Failing Ads, Including LA Times, Forbes (Digiday)
Publishers that have fretted about Google’s plans to unleash an ad-blocking version of Chrome in 2018 can now see if their own sites’ ads will be blocked by the tech giant.

Report: Proximity Solutions Industry Evolving Beyond Retail Marketing (Street Fight)
As the proximity solutions industry undergoes rapid expansion, providers are changing up the technologies they rely on. Meanwhile, industries as varied as healthcare, marijuana, and aerospace defense manufacturing are finding new applications for proximity technology.

Facebook Expels Unintentional Clicks from Its Garden to Shore Up Measurement (AdExchanger)
On Tuesday, Facebook said it’s going to stop counting errant clicks in its reporting for ads served through Audience Network and start barring publishers from including clickable white space in the background of their native ads.

Foursquare’s New Swarm Update Emphasizes Tracking Past Visits (Street Fight)
The company is releasing a major update to its Swarm mobile app this morning, moving its focus away from head-to-head competition and real-time check-ins, with a more streamlined way to revisit personal moments from the past.

How an Italian Wafer Brand Targets U.S. Moms and Millennial Foodies on a Local Level (Street Fight)
Crystal Black Davis, the VP of marketing at Loacker USA, recently spoke with Street Fight about her challenge in bringing an established brand to a new market and finding customers on a local level.

Analytics Are Widely Used, But Is the Effort Paying Off? (eMarketer)
Companies are using analytics tools across their organizations, but areas where analytics are used most heavily are not necessarily where they’re most influential, according to data from Econsultancy and Lynchpin.

Ad Tech Veteran Expounds on the State and Future of the Industry (AdWeek)
“I think there’s been a struggle with how far agencies should go in terms of technology adoption and being on the forefront of ad tech or mar tech. And I do think it is a bit of a missed opportunity for a number of the major agency holding companies.”

Uber Shuts Down Subprime Car Leasing Program in the U.S. (Quartz)
Uber plans to shutter Xchange Leasing, its US subprime car leasing operation. Uber executives decided to wind down Xchange, a wholly owned subsidiary, after realizing that the average loss per vehicle was 18 times what they had thought.

AudioBurst Launches a Web and Mobile Search Engine for Audio News (TechCrunch)
A company called Audioburst is unveiling a new search engine designed to connect you to the information found in audio content from podcasts and programs aired on the radio, capitalizing on the growing popularity of voice technology.

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