Street Fight Daily: Apple Innovates on Marketing AI, Facebook Makes a Case Against TV Ads

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Apple Accelerates AI for Marketers (MediaPost)
Mike Azzara: Last week Apple debuted two toolsets that give developers access to superb augmented reality (AR) and AI technologies. Together, they will be game-changers for marketers looking for new content and creative experiences. That’s all of you, right?

#SFSNYC: How Slice Helps Local Pizzerias Get in on Ordering via Mobile (Street Fight)
Lots of apps can connect consumers to restaurants to order meals, but New York-based Slice has focused on a particular food niche that founder and CEO Ilir Sela says is built on customer loyalty — pizza. Sela says his company’s product is offered as a way to extend the natural loyalty consumers have for their local pizzerias. 

Facebook Says Users Turn to the Platform During Commercial Breaks When Watching TV (AdWeek)
According to research released Thursday, people watching the season premiere of an unnamed but popular TV show chose to ignore the commercials and instead turn their attention to—you guessed it—Facebook.

Street Culture: Taking Estimote’s ‘No Barriers’ Culture Literally (Street Fight)
The company’s mission is to build a new operating system for the physical world, and to get there the team needs zero bullshit. Culture is far too important to leave to chance, says John Cieslik-Bridgen, Estimote’s VP of culture. But it’s also important to allow natural evolution.

Snapchat Versus Instagram: What Marketers Need to Know (Digiday)
As Instagram’s Stories product creating huge competition to Snapchat, brands and advertisers are trying to figure out which works best. Here’s a look at how the two platforms stack up against one another.

The Virtuous Cycle of Ad Quality Enforcement (AdExchanger)
Spencer Scott: More and more, publishers and advertisers are realizing that quality ads — with quality audiences — are the key to success. And the industry is lining up to support an approach that is helping the premium publisher.

UK Digital Grocery Sales Projected to Grow Sharply Over Next 5 Years (eMarketer)
The UK grocery sector will see the most growth among digital channels over the next five years, according to research and training trade group IGD. But brick-and-mortar stores—and discounters in particular—will also see some relatively high growth rates.

Amazon Needs to Court Walmart Shoppers Because the Wealthiest Americans Already Have Prime (Recode)
This week, Amazon went after Walmart by offering low-income shoppers a steep discount on Prime memberships. But just how important is that demographic to Amazon?

Fashion Ads, a Last Bastion of Print, Are Going Digital (WSJ)
Luxury companies are turning away from glossy magazines, long the industry’s top venue for trumpeting its brands to well-heeled consumers.

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