Street Fight Daily: Google Adds Attribution Tools for Marketers, Gen Z Loves Brands and Influencers

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Wants to Measure the Entire Path to Purchase (AdExchanger)
If you’re looking for one takeaway from all of the announcements Google is flinging around at its Marketing Next event on Tuesday, it’s that the internet giant really wants to account for marketing spend in as many channels as possible. The Register: Kill Google AMP before it kills the web.

Photobucket Driving Targeted User Experiences With New Cuebiq Partnership (Street Fight)
Image and video hosting website Photobucket is the latest tech brand that’s going local. The company announced today that it is partnering with location intelligence firm Cuebiq to understand users’ offline behaviors and provide them with a more relevant experience.

Marketers Press Claims Against Facebook Over Inflated Metrics (MediaPost)
Six marketers who are suing Facebook over inflated video metrics are urging a federal judge to allow them to proceed with their case. The marketers, including the bankrupt tech incubator Quirky, argue in new court papers that Facebook’s errors resulted in an artificially inflated price for video ads.

Ibotta App’s New UI Overhaul Puts 17% More Money Back in Users’ Pockets (Street Fight)
Five years young, mobile shopping app company ibotta has already outgrown itself and is rolling out the biggest official overhaul of its user interface today — one that gives users 17% more money back than the last version of the app.

Gen Z Enjoys Branded Content More Than Millenials (AdWeek)
Members of Gen Z “expect to be able to have direct access to friends, celebrities and brands,” said Pete Stein, Fullscreen’s general manager. Members of Gen Z are early adopters on things like short digital videos, social media sites/apps and watching full-length shows/movies online.

Microsoft is Helping Restaurants Cook Up Their Own Bots (VentureBeat)
The Bing Business Bot service begins by asking a business owner a series of basic questions about their business, like where parking is, how to make reservations, and handicap accessibility details. The service then creates a bot that draws on your answers as well as Bing Places business listing data.

Retailers Are Increasing Customer Loyalty with People-Based Search (Digiday)
Tools like Google Customer Match are lettings brands figure out how loyal their customers are in the search box. Along with Bing’s Custom Audiences, they are now part of the search marketing toolkit, the latest type of marketing to get “people-based.”

Instagram Location Stories Appear in Explore (TechCrunch)
It’s taking Instagram less and less time to copy Snapchat. Less than two months after Snapchat launched its Stories Search feature for seeing what’s going on at a location or related to a topic, Instagram is rolling out Location Stories to its Explore page.

Twitter Has ‘Kicked Around’ the Idea of Offering a Premium Subscription Service (Recode)
Twitter has “kicked around” the idea of creating a special premium or subscription membership service, and isn’t taking that business model off the table. Reuters reported back in March that Twitter was considering a premium version of Tweetdeck, and there are many Twitter diehards out there who would probably pay for special features.

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