Street Fight Daily: Facebook Challenges Slack, Deliveroo Launches Platform for Delivery-Only Kitchens

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Facebook Looks to Seize Control of the Workplace with Free Offering, Workplace Standard (AdWeek)
Look out, Slack: Facebook is releasing a free version of its Workplace offering for businesses, which it officially introduced last October. Product manager Simon Cross told CNBC that Workplace Standard is a response to requests for easier activation and better compatibility with smaller businesses.

3 Local Marketing Lessons That Healthcare Brands Can Teach Other Industries (Street Fight)
Jon Schepke: When the location marketing experts discuss best practices, they often focus on industries like retail. But the healthcare industry can teach us a lot about location marketing. Partly because healthcare faces constant turmoil, healthcare is a source of constant reinvention. 

Deliveroo Launches Platform for Restaurants to Open Delivery-Only Kitchens (VentureBeat)
European food delivery startup Deliveroo has today unveiled a new platform that enables restaurants of all sizes to open in new locations without committing to costly public premises.

LifeStream’s Personalized News Empowers Users, Protects Their Privacy (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: The soon-to-launch news service from Graf Mouen and Bill Densmore  plans to deliver highly personalized news and other information to consumers, while still maintaining the privacy they don’t currently have on the rest of the Web.

Audience Measurement Struggles to Keep Up with Changing Viewing Behavior (MediaPost)
With multiple channels and devices, migration from aggregate to person-level marketing, and siloed environments, the advertising industry continues to struggle with tracking viewing behavior.

Uber Addresses New York Times Article on How It Manipulates Drivers (TechCrunch)
The company did not refute that it uses psychological incentives, but instead focused its response on a claim in the April 2 article that “faster pickup times for riders require a greater percentage to be idling unpaid.”

IAB’s Location Playbook: What Retailers Need To Know About Geo (Geomarketing)
As location technology becomes increasingly embedded in brands’ daily marketing activity as well as informing the creation and placement of cross-channel ad campaigns, the Interactive Advertising Bureau is releasing a guidebook designed to bring advertisers up-to-speed on the best practices.

Social Commerce Is Not a Hit — Except When It Is (eMarketer)
March 2016 research from the retail search agency conducted by market research company Survata looked at how internet users interact with Facebook ads. For the most part, a plurality of respondents across all ages said they hadn’t clicked on a Facebook ad in the past 30 days.

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