Street Fight Daily: McDonald’s Begins Testing Mobile Ordering App, Campaign Monitor Buys Tagga

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

McDonald’s, Late to Mobile Ordering, Seeks to Avoid Pitfalls (Reuters)
McDonald’s Corp this month will begin testing its long-awaited U.S. mobile ordering app with the goal of avoiding the kinds of service hiccups that have haunted digital debuts by companies such as Starbucks Corp.

ShopChat Comes Out of Stealth with a Mobile Shopping Keyboard (Street Fight)
ShopChat’s newly debuted mobile shopping keyboard works with messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage, letting users find and share pictures of products through their smartphones with their friends. Those friends can then give feedback, including emojis, and recommendations about the products.

Campaign Monitor Acquires Tagga to Boost Email Marketing with Customer Data (TechCrunch)
Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard said that as personalization becomes a key part of email marketing, platforms like Tagga will play a bigger role. In particular, he sees a big opportunity to plug customer data platforms into the systems that actually manage email marketing campaigns — like Campaign Monitor.

Yext’s IPO Could Raise All Boats in Local — And Herald Consolidation (Street Fight)
While the company’s long-anticipated announcement yesterday didn’t come as a huge surprise for those following local, the news that the IPO was imminent still packed a punch. So we asked several luminaries to weigh in on what the offering might portend for the broader industry.

How Will the IoT Impact Local Search? (LSA Insider)
Isabella Andersen: As local marketers, we need to give our clients the best possible chance of showing up in searches in which the machines do the searching and the providing of search results. How do we do that? Go back to basics. 

UK Agencies See Promise in Facebook’s Latest Snapchat Clone (Digiday)
With Messenger Day, Facebook has rolled out (yet another) Snapchat clone. Inside agencies, the announcement was initially met with eye rolls. But U.K. buyers say it has more to offer advertisers than they might expect.

A UK Startup That Collects All Your Loyalty Cards in One App is Raising £25 Million (Business Insider)
The idea behind Bink is simple: users can consolidate all of their existing loyalty cards and points into one app. Crucially, consumers can also securely link their debit and credit cards with Bink, then shop as they usually would and see points and rewards from retailers appear automatically.

Minimalist Emails: How Brands Cash In on the Trend (MediaPost)
Kevin George: Your subscribers are simply scanning your emails. That’s exactly how minimalist emails help. Short copy limited to what is necessary is the key element of a minimalist email design.

What Brands Can Do to Win the Trust of Women (eMarketer)
There are certain things that companies and brands can do to gain the trust of women. Respondents in the survey were most likely to agree that their level of trust increases when brands respond to customer feedback, or when brands actually seem concerned about their reputation.

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