Street Fight Daily: Retailers Emphasize Mobile Web Over Apps, Verizon and Yahoo Close Revised Deal

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

The Mobile Web is Quietly Killing Off Retail Apps (MediaPost)
Sean Hargrave: The research showed that the majority of retailers are focusing on mobile Web marketing. They are putting money into mobile advertising, content and search that will be discovered through a browser, not by swiping right and left a few times before their app logo comes into view.

How Does Google Determine the Authority of Local Entities? (Street Fight)
“Each of these sites that Google trusts might calculate authority in a different way, but if Google can verify the relationship to the local entity, they can apply that authority to the ranking of the local listing,” writes Mike Blumenthal to David Mihm.

Why Verizon Decided to Still Buy Yahoo After Big Data Breaches (WSJ)
Verizon Communications Inc. outbid several suitors to buy Yahoo Inc.’s struggling internet business last year. But the phone giant had to scramble to keep the deal from unraveling after Yahoo disclosed two massive data breaches.

6 Ways Merchants Can Prepare for the Rise in Voice Search (Street Fight)
Forty-two percent of U.S. consumers already say they’ve used voice assistants in the last three months, and industry forecasters are predicting that 20% of all user interactions with smartphones will take place through these assistants within the next three years. Here are six ways that local businesses can start preparing.

‘More Options and Misunderstandings’: Media Buying on Snapchat Confuses Advertisers (AdWeek)
Three out of seven media agency executives interviewed for this article think Snap’s lack of agency-focused reps, various pricing models, and buying options may trigger confusion around advertising on the platform. Others think that it is simply a natural evolution for Snap, and maturity takes time.

Maintaining Consumer Data Privacy is Essential to Maintaining Brand Loyalty (eMarketer)
More than four in five US internet users surveyed in July and August 2016 by Accenture Strategy said that trustworthiness in regards to privacy is an important component of what makes them loyal customers—more so than any other factor. 

The Rise (And Fall?) of the Brand-Gorithm (AdExchanger)
Martin Kihn: The biggest obstacle is not the learning methods but – of course – the data itself. You need an accurate cross-device, cross-channel identity. You need a clean set of features, the things you know about the prospect or customer. All this is harder than it sounds.

Brad Stone’s Lively ‘The Upstarts’ Chronicles Uber, AirBnB, and the Sharing Economy (Local Onliner)
In “The Upstarts,” Stone provides a sustained look at Uber and AirBnB’s founders, their evolving missions, their competition, and especially how they are using social media and intense lobbying to take on local authorities and entrenched industries.

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