Street Fight Daily: Brands Cash in on Mobile Search Ads, Amazon Aims to Put Alexa Everywhere

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Brands See Big YoY Jumps In Revenue on Mobile Search Ads During 2016 Holidays (MediaPost)
AdLucent’s data based on 32 brands running paid advertising on Google’s search engine shows traffic from mobile search ads to brand Web sites during the holidays rose 70% YoY; sales, 80%; and orders, 111%. Mobile accounted for 30% of all orders tracked by AdLucent’s network.

Pingup Extends Reach With New Bing Integration (Street Fight)
Consumers searching for local businesses on Bing will now be able to seamlessly schedule appointments, book services, and place restaurant orders online via Pingup’s local services transaction platform.

At CES 2017, Amazon Revs Alexa Everywhere Strategy (ZD Net)
At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, it’s clear that Amazon aims to put Alexa everywhere. Google will also look to embed its Google Assistant everywhere — in Hyundai cars, for instance — but Amazon is quickly forging pacts with big-name tech vendors. 

5 Ways Brands Are Using Voice-Controlled Systems for Consumer Marketing (Street Fight)
For brand marketers, voice-based personal assistants represent a major opportunity in a largely-untapped space. Consumers are forming intimate relationships with these new technologies, providing major brands with the opportunity to interact with and learn about consumers in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

Marketing Automation is Powerful, But It Can Limit Internal Visibility for Brands (eMarketer)
Jeff Weiser, CMO of stock photography and editing company Shutterstock, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about why there should always be a balance between automation and human decision-making. 

Ad Tech-Enhanced Marketing Can Get More Effective By Focusing on Consumer Insights (AdExchanger)
Bruce Falck: That was the key change in the market in 2016 and one that will continue into 2017: Conversations about programmatic have evolved from click-through rates and costs per acquisition to insights gleaned from the customer journey.

Google Turns Focus to India’s Small Businesses Amid Search for Users (Wall Street Journal)
Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said on Wednesday that the Mountain View, Calif., company will launch later this year a tool that allows owners of small businesses that are now offline to create mobile-friendly websites for free. 

How a Small Public Radio Station Uses a Bread Truck to Drive Community Engagement (Poynter)
TruckBeat is an example of what’s possible when an independent producer and station work together to create unconventional storytelling. At the heart of it all was a 1980s bread truck.

Media Innovation: The Telegraph Quadruples the Size of Its Programmatic Ad Team (Digiday)
The idea that programmatic trading would usher in new efficiencies that eliminate human jobs is long gone. To wring the most from header bidding, and programmatic trading in general, publishers are increasingly turning to analysts who can navigate the complexities of the current bidding landscape.

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