Street Fight Daily: AT&T to Acquire Time Warner, Mobile Moves to Majority of Google Ad Rev

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

AT&T To Acquire Time Warner, Becoming Latest Media Giant with Cross-Device Mojo (AdExchanger)
One media exec familiar with the Time Warner portfolio noted that AT&T would be buying – besides a deep content library – “one of the best sales teams in the marketplace.” And in a recent interview with AdExchanger, the president of AT&T’s addressable ads unit, AdWorks, called “targeted, more audience-based advertising” a key area of emphasis.

New Report Shows Urban SMBs Do Better with Agency Help (Street Fight)
Street Fight’s new analysis, The Urban SMB Report, indicates that local business owners in big cities get better results from their digital marketing efforts by not doing it themselves. The more they outsource, either to internal staff or to an agency, the higher their satisfaction rating. But there is room for improvement.

Mobile Moves to Majority Share of Google’s Worldwide Ad Revenues (eMarketer)
Google, which is set to report Q3 earnings this week, now makes more ad dollars from mobile than from the desktop globally, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of ad revenues at major publishers. But in its home market of the US, that revenue flip is still in the (very near) future.

Brand Battles In Depth: Looking at Starbucks v. Dunkin’ Donuts (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: The series demonstrates the real complexity of cross-platform digital marketing and the importance of a data-driven strategy in identifying meaningful objectives and tracking performance. This commentary explains how Brand Battles are constructed and how their subject areas fits into the bigger picture of local marketing for national brands.

Johnson & Johnson Adapts a Brick-and-Mortar Legacy to Targeted Digital Campaigns (AdExchanger)
In-store purchase data around loyalty cards showed consumers weren’t buying Neutrogena’s entire product line. Shoppers bought Neutrogena face wash, for example, but not Neutrogena face moisturizer. So J&J launched a programmatic display campaign on contextually relevant sites, such as beauty and skin care magazines, to target these customers on digital and show them what they were missing.

Channels or Devices? Across the Attribution Divide (MediaPost)
Marketers are hung up on cross-channel attribution. But they should be thinking about cross-device attribution. That’s the view at Zaius, a B2C solutions provider.

The Importance of Location In Today’s Innovation Dialogue (Street Fight)
Sponsored Post: It’s hard to overstate the importance of location in today’s business innovation dialogue. While consumers are online more than ever before, they continue to live their lives in the physical world. The vast majority of transactions still occur in-store, and that makes location targeting an immensely powerful tool for brands.

How Quartz Sculpts a Global, Mobile-First Brand (Digiday)
U.S.-based publishers often have to retrofit their brands for overseas audiences when they expand internationally. That’s not the case with Quartz. It set out to be a global, mobile-first publication for the business set from the get-go when the Atlantic Media Company launched it in 2012.

AirBnB Sues Over New Law Regulating New York Rentals (New York Times)
Hours after Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York signed a bill that would impose steep fines on Airbnb hosts who break local housing regulations, Airbnb filed a federal lawsuit contending the new law would cause it “irreparable harm.”

Singapore to Trial Driverless Buses After Successful Shuttle Pilot (TechCrunch)
Driverless technology moved closer to becoming an everyday reality last week in the U.S. thanks to Tesla, but in Singapore it’s already expanding from testing with taxis to testing with full-size city buses in real-world situations.

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