Street Fight Daily: The Location Data Sharing Boom, Google Enables Call Campaign Attribution

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Marketers Don’t Need Pokémon Go to Track You: Inside The Location Data Sharing Boom (AdAge)
While Pokémon Go has made the intersection of our digital and physical worlds more tangible than ever, there are already a handful of companies specializing in mobile location data collection, aggregation and distribution — and those firms are building viable businesses by sharing that data with hundreds of ad industry players.

Could the Smart Home Be the Next Big Opportunity in Local? (Street Fight)
Adam Burrows: We can now make a taxi, a pizza, or a plumber appear with nothing more than clicking a button or speaking a phrase. And convenience-hungry consumers not only want more, they’re expecting it. Smart home technology is now on deck to deliver on that expectation.

Google Empowers Businesses to Establish Attribution for Call Campaigns (Search Engine Land)
To help businesses track calls generated from AdWords ads for better attribution and campaign optimization, advertisers will soon be able to import call conversion data into Google AdWords. With imported call conversions, advertisers will be able to attribute actual closed deals, sales or other conversion actions generated by ads down to the keyword level.

Uber Rival Gett Enjoys a Lift from Brand Filter on Hot App, Prisma (Digiday)
Uber-hating car service Gett is one of the first brands to run a sponsored filter on artsy filter app Prisma. Gett launched its sponsored filter #GettUrban on the app last week, seeing over 550,000 users of the app’s more than 1.1 million daily active users try it out on its first day itself.

Sponsored: Enterprise Trounces Hertz in a Battle for Local Marketing Presence (Street Fight)
Vehicle rental companies Enterprise and Hertz battled their branding strategies in a Brand Battle that analyzed data accuracy, local search and advertising, reviews, and social engagement. In an industry where service can make all the difference to customers who are often stressed and rushed, Enterprise influenced its consumer base in positive ways, supporting loyalty and growth…

Spotify is Now Letting Brands Target Listeners Worldwide via Their Playlists (AdWeek)
Don’t be surprised if the Spotify ads you hear start to match the vibe of your playlists. The music streaming service announced today it will start offering programmatic advertising for the 70 million people using the free version of its platform.

Leader of Reuters Institute’s Bleak News Report: ‘We Can Do It’ (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: A recent report had mixed emotions about the future of community news. So should publishers despair, or is there promise of sunlight behind the lowering clouds? We spoke with Nic Newman, digital strategist at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, and author of the report, to find out more.

Beacons on Regent Street: Location, Relevancy Drive 48% to Use More Than Twice a Month (MediaPost)
Beacons are driving customer engagement and sales on the mile-long Regent Street, the Fifth Avenue of London, where beacons are sending messages to shoppers as they walk by. Now just over two years since the beacons were deployed, the company behind the location-based program has learned a thing or two. Henry Lawson, CEO of Autograph, spoke to MediaPost.

The Washington Post Creates Its Own Newsletter Platform (AdAge)
Sensing an opportunity to reduce its reliance on third-party providers, The Washington Post has created a platform for email newsletters that is available for sale as part of its Arc suite of editorial and technology products. Newsletters are a big focus in digital publishing, where homepage visits are getting harder to come by, but the format has challenges of its own.

Report: 57% of Brands Set to Spend More on Loyalty in 2017 (Mobile Marketing Watch)
CrowdTwist worked with Brand Innovators, one of the largest professional organizations of brand marketers. The report issued by the companies suggests that investment in loyalty programs is set to surge, with 57 percent of brands indicating that they will increase loyalty program budgets in 2017.

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