#SFSW16 VIDEO: At the Intersection of Travel and Local

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There are a lot of ways that the travel vertical mirrors local — a lot of the kinds of connections being made between travelers exploring a new city and local businesses are similar to those that people make when they are looking for goods and services at home. And Airbnb has made it clear in the past couple of years that the company wants travelers to “live like a local” — rolling out local guides and other directories so that people staying in far flung cities can make the most out of their trip by knowing the best of what’s around them.

At Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco earlier this month, San Francisco Chronicle business editor Owen Thomas sat down with Aaron Zifkin, director of North American operations for Airbnb, to talk about how some of the lessons that the company was learning in the travel vertical could also be applied to local marketing and tech.

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Photo Credit: Shana Wittenwyler