Street Fight Daily: Facebook Tracks Offline Commerce, Uber Seeks $2 Billion In Leveraged Loans

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Facebook Taps GPS, Square to Track Your In-Store Visits and Purchases (TechCrunch)
Facebook has found the Holy Grail of advertising in a set of new partnerships with point-of-sale systems like Square and Marketo that will prove who bought what after seeing Facebook’s ads.

Uber to Raise Up To $2 Billion in Leveraged-Loan Market (Wall Street Journal)
Uber is turning to the leveraged-loan market for the first time to raise as much as $2 billion, a sign of the popular ride-sharing network’s hunger for cash as it expands around the world. (Subscription required.)

xAd Unveils Location Intelligence Platform for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses (Street Fight)
The New York-based location data company announced a new tool called MarketPlace Discovery on Wednesday. The platform will provide brands with insights about where consumers active in their industries are shopping.

Pinterest Takes a Page from Facebook’s Playbook and Steps Up Its Ad-Targeting Game (AdWeek)
Pinterest is launching three new types of targeting aimed at helping brands fine-tune their Promoted Pins, the site’s two-year-old ad product. Up until now, brands have primarily used Pinterest’s own data to target ads based on someone’s interests, location or type of device. Now, Pinterest is letting marketers plug in their own data to create more sophisticated campaigns.

Beacons in Business: 3% Using, 11% Testing, 31% Planning, 56% Pass (MediaPost)
The reality is that only 3% of businesses are using beacons, while another 11% are piloting them, based on a new report from Forrester, appropriately subtitled Beacons Aren’t Always the Answer. More than half (56%) of companies have no plans to test or use beacons, according to Forrester’s online global survey of 3,600 adults.

How Mobile is Overtaking Desktop for Global Media Consumption (Digiday)
The amount of time people spend on their phones to use the internet is set to skyrocket this year, new research shows. Mobile overtook desktop computers as people’s preferred device to access the internet last year, and that trend is forecast to jump by 28 percent this year, according to Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts.

The Importance of Micro-Moments: The Mobile Consumer Journey (Search Engine Land)
Jim Yu: Customers are making decisions based on mobile content that serves the right purpose at the right moment. Content, therefore, needs to address user intent and be accessible everywhere — across multiple device types, multiple platforms and multiple channels.

How Local Publishers Can Make the Most of Non-Local Traffic Surges (Street Fight)
Manpreet Singh: When local stories go viral, the often do so at the expense of local advertisers who see no added value in this influx of poorly targeted leads. So how do local publishers benefit from the periodic bonanza of visiting traffic without alienating their base?

Marketers Say Visual Content is Key for Campaigns on Social Platforms (eMarketer)
Research by communications firm Lewis, which examined the use of visual content (which refers to both images and video) among marketing decision-makers, found the demands of social media and the format’s high engagement rates are key reasons for its use. According to the study, 94% of marketing decision-makers are producing visual content.

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