Street Fight Daily: Search Engine Jelly Relaunches, How Foursquare Predicted Chipotle’s Sales Drop

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

With Relaunch, Jelly Makes Another Run at Q&A-Style ‘Social Search’ (Search Engine Land)
With a pledge to bring “humanity” back to search, Jelly has launched again, following a refresh and work under the hood. The idea at the heart of Jelly is that people can do a better job of answering questions than a search engine. Despite the logic and coherence of this thesis, nobody has pulled it off.

How Foursquare Knew Before Almost Anyone How Bad Things Were for Chipotle (Washington Post)
Foursquare turned smartphone data into predictions on Chipotle sales that matched those of Wall Street analysts with far more experience in projecting the successes of businesses. “This is a glimpse into fundamental things that could change around how we do predictions of earnings and profits for public-traded companies,” said Josh Sullivan, a Booz Allen Hamilton SVP.

What Designing an ‘OS for Restaurants’ Really Requires (Street Fight)
Deap Ubhi: When you look at the restaurant tech stack, there are clearly solutions, software, and applications that should play nicely with each other, but the larger players have purposefully walled off their gardens. The next multi-billion-dollar company in this space will identify the mission-critical pieces of technology in the stack, and own them.

Google Is Reportedly Building an All-in-One Travel App Called Trips (The Next Web)
Users in Google’s Local Guides program are reportedly testing a new app called Google Trips, a downloadable amalgam of travel guides for various locations that pulls trip info from your emails — presumably from things like flight itineraries and hotel reservations. It’s worth noting Google updated its search app with a Destinations feature just last month; Trips appears to be an extension of the concept.

Amplified Robot CEO Lays Out a Case for the Role of AR/VR in Retail (Street Fight)
At the LOCALCON conference in London last week, Amplified Robot CEO Steve Dann gave a keynote address on VR’s practical uses for the retail industry. VR is “climbing up the slope of enlightenment,” Dann said, and it’s in our best interest to familiarize ourselves with it.

The Weather Channel Seeks Scale on Facebook, Eyes Vertical Video (Digiday)
The Weather Channel is using Facebook to expand into “weather-adjacent” verticals that make sense for the platform. In the coming year, the company will launch pages in areas like the outdoors, nature, and lifestyle. “We’re going to experiment at the video level and, based on those tests, launch new channels,” said Neil Katz, The Weather Company’s editor-in-chief.

Deliveroo Begins Investing in Kitchen Space to Bring More Restaurants to Your Area (TechCrunch)
Deliveroo, the on-demand delivery service for restaurant food, is investing in kitchen space as a means to help solve the supply-side problem and expand offerings. Dubbed RooBox, the initiative brings restaurant brands to areas of London that have a large residential population but are currently underserved in terms of available restaurants via the Deliveroo app.

Breaking into the Brain: How Mobile Brings Brands Closer to Consumers (eMarketer)
People tune out messages that do not connect with them emotionally, according to Dr. Thomas Trautmann of SalesBrain, a marketing agency that uses psychology to figure out the best way for brands to convey their message. Trautmann spoke about how brands are leveraging mobile to elicit responses from their audience.

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