Street Fight Daily: Facebook and Ticketmaster Partner, On-Demand’s Limitations

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Ticketmaster Will Sell Tickets Directly on Facebook in Coming Weeks (BuzzFeed)
Ticketmaster will start selling event tickets directly on Facebook by the end of April, joining the growing number of companies placing core parts of their businesses inside the social giant’s walls. Ticketmaster and companies like it — online commerce outfits and web publishers — are willing to go direct-through-Facebook since they see their customers spending less time on websites and more within a handful of apps.

The Looming Limits of On-Demand Delivery (Retail Dive)
With closer scrutiny, cracks in delivery startups’ fortunes are beginning to show. Flush with VC, delivery services have been able to keep prices low, but getting packages from point A to point B is a complicated business that may actually cost more than what retailers or consumers are charged. It’s not clear that the startups will be able to reach the scale to keep prices low, or stay popular if prices rise.

TableHero Serves Up Restaurants, But Can it Be the OS of Local? (Street Fight)
“There’s an entire layer of mission-critical technology that small local business owners know they need, but absolutely abhor their current relationship with technology,” says TableHero’s Deap Ubhi. “And at the foundation of that is digital presence, their websites.”

Billy Penn Owner Narrows Search for Second City (Politico)
Spirited Media, which owns and operates the Philadelphia-based local news site Billy Penn, is eyeing Baltimore, Chicago, or Pittsburgh as the company’s next outpost. Founder and CEO Jim Brady said he was looking to launch a site in cities with a high percentage of young news consumers and a relatively compact size.

8 Branding Strategies for Hyperlocal Vendors (Street Fight)
A strong brand strategy is the foundation of a winning launch, even though developing the strategy can increase the time it takes to get a new product to market. Here are eight brand development strategies for hyperlocal vendors, from founders and executives who’ve been in the trenches themselves.

SocialRadar’s PlaceKit Promises More Accurate Location Data for Businesses (TechCrunch)
Online street maps aren’t always precise when it comes to knowing where on a street a store, restaurant, or other business is located. SocialRadar’s PlaceKit promises to offer far more accurate location data for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Is the SMB Market Ready for a “CRM Revolution”? (LSA Insider)
Greg Sterling: CRM, “marketing automation,” and the “customer journey” are working their way into the lexicon of local marketing, if not the actual product suite. My suspicion is that we may be at the beginning of a larger shift toward CRM/automation in the local-SMB market.

The Entrepreneur Behind Parenting App Mommy Nearest Is on the Hunt for VC (New York Business Journal)
There’s no shortage of digital content out there, but when it comes to helpful resources and how-to guides for moms, there’s never enough. That’s the logic of entrepreneur Josh Milstein, who founded Mommy Nearest, a Yelp-like app for traveling mothers consisting of a vast database that can find out where family-friendly restaurants and attractions are, as well as the location of the closest changing table.

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