Street Fight Daily: Starbucks Tests Delivery, Pinterest Adds Location Info to Place Pins

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Starbucks Is Testing Coffee Delivery to Office Workers in the Empire State Building (Adweek)
Three weeks after rolling out mobile ordering in its U.S. stores, Starbucks is bringing coffee and food delivery to the office door. The company has launched its first foray into delivery with a program dubbed “Green Apron Delivery” in New York’s Empire State Building.

11 Luminaries You Don’t Want to Miss at Street Fight Summit New York 2015 (Street Fight)
The annual Street Fight Summit New York kicks off next week on October 20th with a star-studded lineup of speakers. Here are just 11 of the many experts you won’t want to miss. Buy your tickets today!

Pinterest Will Automatically Add Venue Information to Place Pins (TechCrunch)
Pinterest is adding new location features to its Place Pins. Information including map previews, addresses, phone numbers, and opening hours will now be available, so users can call a venue or find directions on Google Maps or Apple Maps through Pinterest.

Transfernation Tackles Food Waste and Hunger with a Local, On-Demand Twist (Street Fight)
In New York City each week, up to 1,000 lbs. of food is rescued from lavish events, office functions, and charity fundraisers. Instead of being discarded, the extra food finds its way to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and other service organizations through Transfernation, a New York City-based nonprofit that’s at the forefront of the food rescue movement.

Postmates Expands API to Power Delivery for More Merchants (Forbes)
On-demand courier service Postmates has always been a marketplace: Consumers can browse its app to see which nearby shops and restaurants offer delivery. But a growing number of businesses also want to integrate delivery on their own sites, so now Postmates is expanding its API to a host of these businesses — mostly retail, not restaurants.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Complex SMB Marketing Ecosystem 2.0 (Street Fight)
As the head of digital strategy for a broadcaster operating local TV stations, Lorren Elkins has been challenged to clearly understand the digital marketing space from an SMB perspective. Elkins developed an interactive chart, now in its second iteration, to both enhance his own understanding and assist SMBs in identifying potential suppliers.

Uber Launches ‘Rush’ Retail Delivery Service in Chicago (Chicago Tribune)
Uber is expanding its logistics offerings with the launch of UberRush, a service that allows local businesses in Chicago to offer on-demand deliveries. The service turns Uber drivers into delivery people whom merchants can request and manage through a web-based dashboard. The service has also expanded to San Francisco, in addition to the New York City area, where it’s been tested since April.

Snapchat Prioritizes Its Platform Over Its Original Content (Gigaom)
Sometimes tech companies dip their toes into the waters of media production only to find they should simply focus on their platform, which appears to be the case with Snapchat following a report that it has permanently shut down the in-house video network it debuted in January.

Can Google Succeed as Alphabet? (The Atlantic)
Google does many things, but it makes almost all its money through online advertising; the most worrying thing for Google should be the lack of commercial imperative in so many of its operations. In that light, the most promising thing about Google is its reorganization into Alphabet — a step that will inevitably put pressure on its newly autonomous divisions to produce something besides giant losses.

Inside Uber’s Mission to Give Its Drivers the Ultimate App (Wired)
Uber’s new driver-specific app will transform its software into a management platform offering tools to help its drivers tend and grow their businesses. It includes a personalized newsfeed with notes from local Uber teams, information about recent rides, tips on how to optimize income and ratings, a map illustrating hotspot areas where the next passenger is likely to be, and more.

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