Street Fight Daily: The Evolution of Groupon, Target Tests Beacons

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

The Rise, Fall, and Improbable Comeback Strategy of Groupon (Eater)
Earlier this month, Groupon acquired the multi-city delivery service OrderUp in an effort to expand into the $70 billion food delivery industry. But for many, the company is still nothing more than a memory of discount deals gone by. So what is Groupon today?

Target Testing Beacons to Provide In-Store Shoppers Coupons, Recommendations (Minneapolis StarTribune)
Starting Wednesday, Target will become one of the largest companies to test beacons. The beacons will link to shoppers’ smartphones through the Target app, sending them relevant coupons, deals, and product recommendations based on where they are in the store.

Bringg CTO: Delivering On-Demand Experiences ‘Never Existed Before’ (Street Fight)
The emergence of on-demand applications has set a new standard for convenience that has left existing companies struggling to keep up with on-demand startups. Street Fight recently caught up with Bringg CTO Lior Sion to talk about the market opportunity for local on-demand.

Instacart Makes Its First Acquisition With “Acqui-hire” Of App Maker Wedding Party (TechCrunch)
Grocery delivery service Instacart has made its first acquisition since raising hundreds of millions in venture funding. The company is “acqui-hiring” the team from Wedding Party, an app that allowed wedding guests and friends to contribute photos and videos to a shared digital album.

5 Dashboards for Monitoring Nearby Social Content (Street Fight)
Social media has become a go-to channel for small business marketing, but whether a business is successful at achieving its campaign goals depends largely on strategy. Here are five examples of location-based social monitoring dashboards that merchants can try.

The Developer Opportunity For Connected Cars in the Here Maps Acquisition (ReadWrite)
The Nokia Here-Audi-BMW-Daimler deal could lead to an interesting opportunity for developers or would-be partners. The attraction lies in Here’s advanced offline capabilities, management of bookmarked places, and its clean, intuitive interface.

Stripe President John Collison Looks Into the Future of Online Payments (Wall Street Journal)
Transaction systems worldwide are being disrupted by waves of change driven by e-commerce and the growing use of mobile devices. John Collison, president and co-founder of Stripe, a San Francisco-based digital-payments startup, discussed where the transactions industry is headed.

Apple Says It Has No Plans to Sell Mobile Services Directly to Consumers (Entrepreneur)
Apple has denied working on a plan to market communications services directly to consumers and bypass the telecom companies on which it has long relied to sell its products.

If Marketers Are Worried About Ad Blockers, They Should Throw More Cash at Mobile (AdWeek)
Marketers already have plenty of reasons to focus on mobile, since that’s where consumers are increasingly directing their attention. If brands believe that more of their ads won’t be blocked on smartphones and tablets, their incentive to throw more money at mobile platforms only builds.

Mobile Wallet Marketing: Offers, Coupons, and Loyalty at the Center (eMarketer)
As people grow accustomed to using devices to pay at the point of sale, the mobile wallet will become an important hub that will enable marketers to provide customers with more context as well as greater convenience.

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