Street Fight Daily: Stripe Scores Major Funding and Visa Partnership, eBay Shutters Delivery Service

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Stripe, Digital Payments Start-Up, Raises New Funding and Partners With Visa (New York Times)
Stripe has quickly gained traction by offering simple software and services for online small and medium-size businesses. The company said Tuesday that it had raised new funding from investors like Visa and American Express, and is now worth $5 billion. It also announced a partnership with Visa in which the two will work on ways to improve digital transactions.

eBay is Killing Its Local Delivery Service and Specialized Apps (The Next Web)
Fans of eBay are about to have a much simpler experience. The company said it’s shuttering services – including its on-demand delivery service eBay Now – and apps, such as eBay Valet.

The Future of Retail: ‘In-Store Mode’ and In-Aisle Payments (Street Fight)
Michael Boland: Wouldn’t it stand to reason that higher receptivity to promotional messaging comes when consumers are truly in buying mode? And wouldn’t the probability of that mode be greatest when someone is in-store, as opposed to browsing Instagram on their couch?

Why PayPal’s Independence Will Have a Huge Effect On Your Business (Forbes)
Gene Marks: If you’re a small business owner, you should be more than excited about PayPal’s separation from eBay. You should be thrilled. That’s because PayPal’s newly earned independence will impact you in a few very significant and positive ways.

6 Tools Merchants Can Use to Quantify the Impact of In-Store Events (Street Fight)
Being able to attribute offline marketing to in-store sales closes the loop for retail marketers and generates a better understanding of how various factors can impact sales. Here are six tools that merchants can use to attribute offline marketing to in-store activity.

Google Express Workers Move to Unionize (Recode)
More than 140 contract workers for Google Express, the search engine’s fledgling delivery service, have filed for organized representation. Google does not directly employ the Express workers, but contracts with them.

How One Hotel Used Location Data to Deliver Exceptional Guest Services (Street Fight)
Sponsored Content: Real-time strategies are necessary for the hospitality industry, and location-based audience platforms are beginning to answer industry needs. By viewing social content specific to a location, more hotels are able to see real people posting in real-time within their property or properties, and more hotels are using location strategies to engage their customers before and after a stay. Sponsored by Ground Signal.

Local Businesses Squeezed Out Of Organic Search By Larger Websites (Search Engine Land)
Myles Anderson: We explored which of the three main search engines are most generous to local businesses and give them the greatest amount of page one “real estate.” The objective is to provide a clear picture of the best opportunities for local businesses to gain visibility in search.

5 Ways Retailers Can Convert Online Traffic To Brick And Mortar Retail Sales (Business 2 Community)
Research shows that 91% of consumers have gone into a store based on an online experience. By developing quality relationships and cohesive marketing strategies that tie digital and traditional together, brands can drive sales to their brick and mortar stores.

Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store Delivers Savings, Speed (eMarketer)
When an April study asked digital buyers about what would make them likely to make purchases online, 86% said they would consider in-store pickups.

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