Street Fight Daily: Food Delivery Wars, Nokia’s Mapping Tech

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Online Food Ordering

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

The Billion Dollar Food Delivery Wars (TechCrunch)
Since the successful IPOs of Just Eat and Grubhub/Seamless a year ago, almost every week has brought fresh news of large-scale funding announcements for existing players, or the launch of a new service, making it one of the most competitive sectors.

Why All SMBs Need an Ecommerce Strategy (Street Fight)
Joe Morsello: While online research to offline purchase is the more common path-to-purchase, future-looking SMB retailers will holistically consider an ecommerce strategy as more and more consumers embrace online shopping.

Everybody Wants to Own Nokia’s Mapping Technology (Skift)
Every business betting on a future full of self-driving cars and delivery drones will need a mapping service, and most would love an alternative to eternal dependence on Google Maps, especially if they compete with Google in other arenas.

Mid-year Report: The Newspaper Industry’s Billion Dollar Challenge (Poynter)
Rick Edmonds: Here is one way to look at the business-model challenge for newspaper organizations: every year that print advertising revenues fall a billion dollars or more, the companies need to generate a billion or more in other revenue growth to stay even.

Case Study: SMB Marketing Firm Uses Chat App to Convert Clicks to Leads (Street Fight)
With the goal of retaining and converting more leads for his agency, Outlook Bench Group’s Nii Akwei went in search of a product he could use to connect with website visitors in real-time.

This Gadget Will Tell You if There’s a Line at Starbucks Before You Arrive (The Next Web)
A small hardware startup called Density had produced a tiny box that businesses attach to their door frames to get real-time data on how many people are inside, as well as how many have visited, on any given day.

Top 5 Issues Wrecking Local SEO For Multi-Location Businesses (Search Engine Land)
Marcus Miller: If you have a recognized brand with a local presence, your general authority should make ranking in local search results somewhat easier; yet all too often, this is not the case. Here, an outline of the key areas for businesses to focus on for search success.

You’re Going to Want This Designer-Curated Guide for Your City (Gizmodo)
On the Grid describes itself as the “designer’s neighborhood guide,” where local design firms contribute personalized descriptions for their favorite places. In their guide to New York City, Hyperakt, a Brooklyn firm, paired their words with nice photos and maps and created illustrations of local landmarks.

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