7 Platforms Offering On-Demand Beauty Services

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The taxi, delivery, and home services industries have all been rocked by on-demand platforms. Now, a fierce battle is being waged to take control of the $46 billion U.S. beauty industry.

With 28% of hairdressers, stylists and cosmetologists already working as independent contractors, the beauty industry is an ideal environment for on-demand platforms to gain traction. The real question is how competing on-demand platforms will differentiate themselves from the pack and which solution will ultimately grow to become the Uber of the beauty industry.

Here are seven platforms currently vying for their share of the pie.

1. The Glam App: Hire beauty experts with the push of a button.
The Glam App allows users to choose from vetted stylists based on their level of professional experience, ranging from recent beauty school graduates all the way to celebrity stylists. The Glam App covers hair, nails, and makeup, aiming to differentiate itself with immediate bookings and competitive pricing. (Users can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $100 for hair or makeup services. Tips are not included.) Stylists set their own hours, and The Glam App deposits payments into their accounts after each appointment. Available in: Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, Dallas, Phoenix, and New York City.

2. StyleBee: On-demand delivery of salon-quality services.
StyleBee is aiming to make at-home beauty appointments accessible to a broad audience. Hair, makeup, massage, and face painting can all be booked through the mobile app. StyleBee selects the stylist for each appointment based on proximity and user profile information. StyleBee offers last-minute appointments with at least two hours notice, and it doesn’t charge cancellation fees for appointments cancelled at least four hours in advance. StyleBee’s stylists have undergone background checks, interviews, and reference checks. StyleBee’s beauty services range in price from $50 for blowouts to $160 for updos and makeup. Available in: San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

3. PRIV: Schedule beauty and wellness appointments.
Whereas most glam-on-demand apps focus on hair, makeup, and nails, PRIV is taking a broader approach to beauty services. PRIV users can schedule appointments for all types of beauty services — ranging from haircuts and blow outs, all the way to massages, manicures, workouts, and spray tans — inside their own homes or offices. Prices are roughly $75 for makeup, $60 for spray tans, and $45 to $90 for manicures. Stylists are paid 80% of client payments within 48 hours of each completed appointment. Available in: New York City, London, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Orange County, and Austin.

4. Glamsquad: Choose a hairstyle before booking an appointment.
From a user perspective, Glamsquad operates a little differently than its competitors in the on-demand beauty market. Glamsquad users are asked to choose a hairstyle or makeup look before booking an appointment. Based on the style the user has selected, Glamsquad will assign a beauty professional to arrive in as little as 90 minutes. (People who don’t have iPhones can book services through Glamsquad’s website.) Glamsquad charges $50 for blowouts, $85 and up for updos, and $75 for makeup, plus a 20% tip and gratuity. Available in: New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

5. Vênsette: Premium salon services at home.
Vênsette is positioning itself as an upscale alternative to competing on-demand beauty apps. The platform caters to luxury brands, notable influencers, and everyday consumers, offering a way to make hair and beauty appointments by selecting the style inspiration, visit time, location, and payment method. Individual services last just 45 minutes, and they can be scheduled at any day or time. Vênsette’s stylists are “hand selected and trained,” and they arrive in uniform. Vênsette charges $100 for hair and $150 for makeup. Available in: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Miami.

6. Beautified: Find same-day beauty and fitness appointments.
Beautified is an on-demand beauty app that caters to people looking for last minute appointments at well-known spas and salons. Using Beautified’s mobile app, consumers can book last-minute beauty treatments at nearby facilities. Most appointments are “released” into the Beautified system at 6pm each night, based on the next day’s availability at participating salons. Once an appointment has been booked through the app, it’s usually confirmed within 10 minutes. Beautified also offers a way to book fitness treatments. Prices for services scheduled through Beautified can vary depending on the day and time. Available in: New York City.

7. beGlammed: Hire vetted professionals for hair and makeup services.
For people who are concerned about inviting virtual strangers into their homes, beGlammed ensures that its makeup artists and hairstylists have all undergone background checks. Users can browse an online “Stylebook” for inspiration when deciding how they’d like their hair or makeup to look, then select a specific service, and enter the time, location, and payment method. Appointments take one hour or less. beGlammed gives users the ability to request their favorite professionals when booking a service. Pricing starts at $75 for makeup and $60 for hair. Available in: Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, and Orange County.

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Stephanie Miles is a senior editor at Street Fight.

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