Street Fight Daily: Apple’s New Software, Facebook Hands Out Beacons

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

With New Software, Apple Looks to Bring Together Local Search and Commerce (Street Fight)
Apple showed off updates to its three operating systems Monday, announcing the next iterations to both OSX and iOS as well as a new version of the operating system for Apple Watch. The updates include vast changes to core functionality as well as large updates to a handful of Apple-developed applications such as Maps, Apple Pay and Passbook.

Facebook Is Handing Out Free Beacons to Retailers (Recode)
Facebook is offering up free beacons to retailers and businesses using its service as part of an update to the company’s Place Tips feature originally rolled out in January. Place Tips works by showing Facebook users posts and photos about a specific retailer or business when they open the app within the actual store.

How 10 Top Media Execs Think About Audience and Engagement (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Here are fresh, sometimes iconoclastic thoughts on how to engage modern audiences. They come from media executives who have demonstrated they know how to do it, and have been assembled by the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications.

Google Capital-Backed Thumbtack Hit With Manual Action For Unnatural Links (Search Engine Land)
Thumbtack, a service professionals hiring web site, has received a manual action from the Google search quality team for “unnatural links to your site“. The company has seen a huge decline in Google referrals, ultimately impacting the leads that professionals in their network are receiving.

Apple Lets You Search Within Apps With A Deep Link Search API In IOS 9 (TechCrunch)
Apple’s ongoing work to improve its search features got a big boost on mobile today: Apple launched a search API for iOS 9 that will be based around deep linking technology. This will let developers index and link out their apps, making their content discoverable through the native search experience on iOS 9.

Report: Mobile Ads Drove 80 Percent Increase In Store Visits Within 24 Hours (Marketing Land)
According to a new report 54 percent of consumers in 2014 “shopped on a mobile device over a laptop before making a purchase” and 34 percent “preferred to use a smartphone over a tablet or laptop.” It also found that in-store visits increased 80 percent within 24 hours of mobile ad exposure.

Local advertising takes a first quarter hit (MediaLife)
A new report from Pivotal Research Group finds first quarter local ad spending fell 2.8 percent, to $14.81 billion. Local digital spending rose by 13 percent, to $1.46 billion, in first quarter. By 2017, Pivotal forecasts, spending will hit $8 billion; double what it was in 2010.

Smart Cities May Be A Godsend For Data-Driven Marketers – If They Maintain Trust (AdExchanger)
Mike Weston: For brands and marketers, smart cities offer an unprecedented opportunity to learn about consumers and launch highly targeted and innovative advertising campaigns. The catch is maintaining trust in a situation where privacy can easily be violated and there are plenty of question marks about security.

Apple, Google Seek the ‘Holy Grail’ of Mobile Payments (MarketWatch)
For consumers looking for convenience, there’s not a great deal of difference between pulling out a credit or debit card and using the payment systems offered by Apple. Now Google seems set to move the ball forward with its recent Android Pay announcement, the company’s follow-up to Google Wallet.

Professional Chefs Say the Key to Getting Tons of Reservations is a Good Instagram Photo (Business Insider)
We’re all guilty of Instagramming a good brunch or a good burger, a cocktail or an ice cream sundae. But while most of us are amateur photographers with only a handful of followers on Instagram, there are a few people in the food business who have more of a reach when they upload some excellent photos: Professional chefs.

Dot is a Quirky Location App for Mapping Anything from Trash Cans to Watering Holes (The Next Web)
Dot works by letting you place a dot on any location you’ve visited on the map within the app and leave messages for other users and your friends to see. You can categorize your dots by adding hashtags, and dots from people you follow appear in different colors to distinguish them from your own.

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